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Credibility:  An important factor for ecommerce Trust factor for an ecommerce website is very much important for the customers. Best way is taking reviews on the website to increase credibility of an ecommerce website. Customer reviews has very much importance and considered to be one of the main factor to have too much influence on … Continue reading Credibility: An important factor for ecommerce

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When a website is designed and developed, it is never in the final state. Yes, change is inevitable for anything, so is for websites as well. At eTCS most of the clients approach us for their websites updates and changes. Since the client companies keeps on progressing and growing, it becomes important for them to … Continue reading Inevitable website updates

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Custom Software Development :- Custom Software Development is the designing of software applications for a specific  user  or group of users  within a organization. Custom Software vs. off the shelf: Off-the-shelf software consists of a software application available to a large audience for varying, albeit fundamentally similar needs.  So here is the custom software which … Continue reading Custom Software Development

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Java is “Object Oriented Programming Language” unlike ‘C language’ which is a structured oriented one. Java Language starts with packages. Within Packages are classes, within classes are methods, constants and  variables.  In java, source code (.java files) is compiled, it gets transated into byte codes and then placed into ‘.class’. OOPS concepts: There are 4 … Continue reading OOPS THROUGH JAVA

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Social networking is nothing but the use of Internet-based social media programs in order to get connected with customers, clients, peers and alumina and acquaintances.  Social networking can happen for the purpose of business and general social cause through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp or  Significantly marketers’ seeking to engage users is … Continue reading Why Social Networking Used in 2019

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Social media websites and social networks are used to market a company’s products and services. Social media marketing offers a road map to companies with a technique to approach new customers and at the same time stay connected with existing customers. Understanding ‘Social Media Marketing (SMM)’ To promote content, social media websites allow marketers to … Continue reading Why Social Media Marketing (SMM) is important in 2019

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What is ‘Social Media Optimization (SMO)’? The evolving usage of social media networks to develop and manage an organization’s message and above all to stay connected with the masses, read customers.  Moreover, social media optimization is used primarily to increase awareness of the launch of new products and services.  As a digital strategy stays updated … Continue reading Top Social Media Optimization (SMO) Agency in Dubai

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Save Time & Cost Mobile Development :- The traditional approach has been to spend time in creating additional stand-alone mobile site; but this is done away with, which is obviously the primary feature of responsive design.  Maintenance overheads, development and support are increased when testing across a number of websites.  Styles are optimized by device … Continue reading How Responsive Web Design is Helpful in 2019 ?

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