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List of PHP Frame Works :- Most of the developers’ favorite programming language is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). PHP is the most popular programming language used for web development, and which is very easy to learn for the beginners. Maximum numbers of developers are more than happy and enjoy working with PHP frameworks; these frameworks reduce … Continue reading PHP Frame Works

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Facebook Social media optimizations (SMO) is the process where social media networking sites are used as a part of strategy to market and promote the product, brands, etc. by sharing the relative content that attracts the people to a particular website. There are too many social media applications such as, … Continue reading Social Media Optimization-SMO– Facebook

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List of significant features of online ecommerce website When we design and develop ecommerce website, everything matters doe the website is its functionality, features and design. To have a successful ecommerce website, it’s also important to have user friendly features for both customers as well the ecommerce website owner. Design:- All the customers are first … Continue reading Significant features of online ecommerce website

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Steps to make ecommerce website successful Being a start-up entrepreneur and flashing the idea of starting ecommerce business and making it success is a main aim. But to make this ecommerce business success need lot of efforts, hard work and smart work together. Steps: Develop the business plan for budget, resources and proper implementation for … Continue reading Steps to make ecommerce website successful

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Websites can be designed statically and developed dynamically. When we think of developing websites dynamically, the basic idea comes in our mind is content management system (CMS). But apart from CMS, there are also frameworks for developing website or web applications. Generally we call it as web framework. A web frame work is nothing but … Continue reading Web Frameworks for Development

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Frameworks for Mobile Applications: Replacing the web applications and increase in high demand for mobile applications has resulted into developers looking for cross platform mobile application development solutions. The purpose is to write the code once and reuse it on multi-platforms apps. The benefits of developing hybrid mobile apps are numerous. The need of framework … Continue reading Frameworks for Mobile Applications

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for Small Businesses: We have a website, but now we have a big question, how some potential customer can reach to browse our website? Definitely any customer is not going to get a dream one fine night about a website. Yes, there is an answer for this: Search Engine Optimization – SEO … Continue reading SEO for Small Businesses

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Website  design & development process explained for small businesses Being a small entrepreneur or business or company, it is necessary for you to think about bringing your products, services and solutions under market attention. Definitely it’s all about attracting customers so that you can generate business. So in this growing digital world, the best option … Continue reading Website design & development process explained

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