10 eCommerce trends to watch in 2022

eCommerce In 2022: Top Emerging Trends You Need To Consider

eCommerce web development has seen tremendous growth and change in recent years. The overall business policy is guided by new features, more sophisticated elements, and a more customer-oriented approach. To stay relevant, maintain your SERP rankings, and keep your sanity, you’ll need to plan your seller strategy ahead of time. 

Here are our top ten trends to keep an eye on as you grow your eCommerce business in 2022!

Product Lines with Customization

Offering customizable products is an excellent way to boost conversions and differentiate your product line. Big-name brands are cashing in on the trend, demonstrating the benefits and demand for customizable products.

Loyalty Programs

People enjoy eCommerce loyalty programs because they reward loyal customers for making repeat purchases. They get cash back, next-purchase coupons, discounts, and freebies as rewards. 


To achieve eCommerce sustainability, you must create a brand that promotes environmentally friendly practices, such as green packaging and more eco-friendly shipping. 

Using augmented reality to visualize purchases

Customers do not want to speculate on how a new couch would look in their living rooms. With the addition of this technology, they will be able to view a live video of the room with the new addition using a phone or laptop. Ecommerce businesses should actively incorporate augmented reality (AR) wherever possible to encourage customers to virtually “try on” a product.

Upselling and cross-selling with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are effective at predicting shopping habits based on browsing and purchasing history. While no human brain could possibly customize a website for each individual visitor, AI is capable of doing so. 

Additional payment method

If your company only accepts payment by check or credit or debit card, it’s time to look into new options. Many online retailers now use tools that allow customers to buy with a no-interest payment plan, for example. 

Video Marketing

Video is popular in eCommerce these days, with online retailers incorporating everything from product explainer videos to video testimonials into their marketing campaigns. Video removes the uncertainty of ordering a product you’ve never seen before. You can watch the item in action, and get a sense of its size. Additionally, people prefer watching videos to reading product descriptions.

Influencer marketing

Last year, social commerce accounted for $30 billion in sales in the United States alone. Selling products directly through social media channels is what social commerce is all about. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, short videos, YouTube shorts, paid advertisements, and influencer marketing help to drive purchase decisions.

Customer service via multiple channels

Customers, both past and prospective, may wish to contact your company for customer service. Some people prefer live chat or a phone call, while others prefer email, social media, or texting. Adding chatbot tools to your customer service arsenal can reduce your workload, improve the customer experience, and contribute to a well-rounded customer experience.

Improved distribution and fulfillment planning

Customers want to hold their purchases as soon as possible. They may look elsewhere if your delivery estimates are too slow. Multilayer distribution models, software-assisted fulfillment, and hyperoptimized supply chains are already bringing about significant change and profit. 

Every day new trends and strategies emerge as the web evolves. Continuous optimization and collaboration with the best providers for site creation, hosting, and maintenance are the keys to digital success. Observe and discover new methods of reaching out to customers, and prioritize changes that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

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