10 Tips For Great School Website Design

school website design

Every school wants its website to be well designed. But a well-designed website does not only mean flashy photos or multi-media presentations. It is also about the work your website does for your stakeholders, staff, parents, and students. So, here are some key elements to keep in mind while designing your website:

Responsive school website:

Your site visitors use their smartphones or tablets to see your school website, and if your site is not responsive, it would be difficult to find proper navigation.

Accessible designs:

A website’s accessibility is very important for every school administrator. The color contrast, keyboard functionality, moving elements, etc. must be kept in mind.

Clean and bright designs:

Your school website should be clean and bright to attract viewers. The shadows, textures, and background patterns should be avoided because they are outdated now.

Scrolling and parallax:

It means where the background images move slower than the items in the foreground that creates an illusion of depth. This element adds variety and interest to the website without compromising page loads.

Modular design:

It means adding information in different modules or boxes. You should add modules on some parts of your page and not on the entire home page.

Fewer stock photos:

You should add some real photos of your classes and students on your website instead of adding fake pictures. For this, you can use high-quality digital cameras and a Smartphone camera.

Big and bold typography:

You should add big and bold typography to attract the viewers. It would be easy to read the font when it is big.

Streamlined navigation:

It is very important to keep the navigation streamlined and simple. Viewers do not want to spend plenty of time on a website, so the faster they will find information; the better it would be for you.


You should make your website attractive and effective, and for this, you can use CSS3 functionality.

Gradient imagery:

Nowadays, gradients are very much in use as backgrounds, image overlays, and subtitles texture. You can use it for an attractive website.

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