10 Tips For Measuring Online Brand Performance

10 Tips For Measuring Online Brand Performance

It is very important for everyone to focus on the objective and goals of their business as this will be dependent on the brand performance. It is one of the trickiest marketing KPIs to measure as it has the most difficult estimates for its effectiveness and ROI calculations.

However, here we are discussing 10 awesome tips to measure online brand awareness for a business.

Study growth in direct traffic: You can see the direct traffic coming to your website from your web analytics program. After reviewing the growth of direct traffic in a specific time period will provide you with information regarding your brand awareness growth.

Measure and study referral traffic: The very next interesting metric is the amount and quality of referral traffic. You should always make sure that your traffic is valid and relevant to your website.

Track your earned media value: It is something that you will get the publicity of your brand without paid forms.

Track your share of voice: You can analyze your most important keywords related to your main competitors by tracking your organic share of voice.

Compare your earned media value: As you want to beat your competitor also, therefore, you should track your earned media value to allow them to focus on different things.

Track your backlink success: You can easily track the rate of the backlinks that have organically gained and also that have attempted to accrue as part of your PR strategy.

Measure social media activities: You can easily measure your brand awareness by tracking the number of social media followers with different content types, to increase your social media reach.

Surveys: Surveys and taking interviews of people is another way to measure brand awareness.

Search popularity: You should search for your brand and your competitor’s brand to check the popularity among you both.

Employee brand advocacy metrics: Measuring employee advocacy programs can be tricky but messages shared by employees normally have a higher reach and engagement.

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