5 Technical SEO Issues On Large eCommerce Sites & How To Solve Them

5 Technical SEO Issues On Large eCommerce Sites & How To Solve Them

SEO refers to search engine optimization, which helps in improving the quality and quantity of website traffic without paying anything. In today’s world, SEO has become very important for websites, and today, in the following points, we will see the issues related to SEO and its solutions.

  1. The first and critical issue is that the crawl budget is often too limited to provide actionable insights. When you grow your eCommerce business, it can lead to a massive volume of pages and disorganization.

Solution:- You can also solve this problem by using partial crawls, but it’s not an idea.

The more effective way to solve this problem is to use Raw Logs Instead of Crawl Reports.

  1. The Second issue in an SEO is managing a massive internal linking structure that can be complicated. By internal linking, you can inform Google of what exists on your website.

Solution:- Solution to this problem is to find crawl dead-ends with Interlinking structure efficiency tools. It shows you a clear picture of your site’s internal linking health.

  1. The Third issue related to SEO is troubleshooting SEO issues on JavaScript websites is difficult. Javascript is used to improve the interaction and complexity of the apps, and the issue arises when eCommerce web admins cannot determine which pages are rendered and which are not.

Solution:-  The solution to this problem is straightforward: you use an advanced crawler that can view JavaScript.

  1. The Fourth issue of SEO is Few Tools Offer In-Depth Insights For Large Websites.

Solution:-  The solution to this issue is to use one accurate tool with accurate priority tasks.

  1. The Fifth issue faced by SEO is keeping multiple developments & product teams aligned with SEO.

Solution:- The solution to the issue is to align your teams’ goals & get SEO alerts that tell you before google finds out.


These are the same issues faced by the big e-commerce website in SEO. If you overcome these issues, you may rank a top website. You can also ask any question related to the issue if you have it in our comment box.

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