6 Important Considerations When Switching SEO Agencies

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You are looking for a new SEO company since you’re dissatisfied with the one you now work with. You’ve discovered the ideal firm and are now prepared to terminate your agreement with your previous SEO company. Is that it, though? Or do you also need to think about other things?

Here is the list of six essential considerations you should consider when switching your SEO agencies.

Access to your analytics 

As soon as you relocate your website to a new location, get into your analytics account and deny the SEO firm access. Imagine if they had a rival client vying for the same search terms that you are using. You don’t want your former SEO firm to leverage your analytics data to get knowledge of your industry’s SEO-related issues and to give an advantage to your rivals.

Access to Google Webmaster Tools 

For Google Webmaster Tools, the same holds. Your SEO firm may have requested your Google Webmaster Tools account. They don’t require that information when the site is moved. Remove them by logging into your Google Webmaster Tools.

CMS/FTP Access 

Suppose you provide your SEO business FTP or CMS access to help with SEO implementation, and you limit access once the service is over. Your server, Web pages, and data do not need to be accessible to your old SEO company.

Evaluation Reports 

Ensure you have a copy of both your most current ranking report and your baseline ranking report. It doesn’t harm to keep them on hand in case you need to review your SEO campaign’s effectiveness in terms of organic rankings or even the point of your previous SEO agency.

List of Targeted Keywords 

Although it is not as important as the primary elements, it can be helpful to request a thorough list of the keywords that your previous SEO firm targeted for your organic SEO strategy, whether on-page or off-page.

Link Building Techniques 

Ensure you are familiar with the link-building strategies and channels your SEO firm used to build links to your website. Before ending your contract, you should be aware of the composition of your link portfolio, regardless of how they were acquired—whether by directory or article submission, link-exchange campaigns, link purchases against Google policy, or any other method.

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