6 Software Development Trends in Vogue This Year

software development stratergy

You are always in demand gives a smug feeling! The year 2018 is the year dedicated to developers. By and large, businesses in every industry are looking for a transformation….technically. The most sought-after person is the software developer. This is not a new trend. The year is different from other years of the past decade. Some of the exciting technologies have become commercially viable. Some have gone live and active. Some newly designed development in 3-D immersive forms have come alive. The dynamic designs were hitherto unknown and appeared to be a myth. Now they come alive and deceive our sense of perception of vision. Some intelligent and dangerous threats are trying to cheat our senses which need to be outwitted. But who will bell the cat!

It is an established fact that the job of software Developer is the Best #1 Job in the UAE and elsewhere, besides very important. If you go to see, their work touches every part of our lives. Significantly enough the software development trends during the current year range from video games to oil rigs and gas explorations to entertainment. Even without our general understanding, artificial intelligence or AI and Blockchain will feel the impact. The year is significant for developers and software in particular.

Accordingly, here are 5 software trends that will dominate the current season. We would request you to spare a moment to share your comments and suggestions, below:

Block-chain Developers – On the Path of Saturation

Thanks to Bitcoin’s meteoric rise that put Blockchain in high demand. Blockchain is a technology which is much beyond digital currency ready to revolutionize every industry gracefully. By 2018, we will start seeing the differences through business-class Blockchain platforms.

In 2017, many companies following the legacy technology introduced their own Blockchain platforms and putting it to optimum use is IBM which is considered to be Blockchain industry leader which has tied-up with food distributors, hotel chain, banks, and government regulatory authorities in order to use Blockchain platforms. Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon are not far behind in the race; as the battle for enterprise-level Blockchain dominance is bracing to bust the bubble.

Do these have any bearing on software industry on the whole? Blockchain platforms are anyway going to be built by businesses in every industry. In other words, the demand for Blockchain developers is going to go up the roof. A 2016 study on how to hire a good Blockchain developer states that there were just over 5000 dedicated Blockchain developers available globally. However, in the following year, the figures are not that impressive in comparison with over 18 million + Java brains. 2018 will see a mad rush of committed developers who are going to become wealthier.

IoT Gets Better

In the coming years, edge computing is going to play a significant role to transfer data over a network without the interaction of human-to-human or computer. Wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch are very popular but may seem tiny in the vast IoT or internet of things, system. Name anything; from automobiles to deep sea, roads, oil rigs to household products is turning into a data-collecting device. All these devices tend to collect massive amounts of data, which IT companies are toying with the idea of finding cheaper and faster techniques to process them.

In order to process data near the device or at the ‘edge’ of the network, Edge computing uses a mesh of sought-after centers. IoT devices will be able to perform faster in real-time analytics even when in poor connectivity situation say on a deep sea oil rig platform, which is a boon for the end user. The prospects for edge computing are good. It is not only going to become popular but also a priority with database and network engineers who will need to create the infrastructure of the IoT features. More and more businesses are likely to adopt BizDevOps practices as real-time analytics come in handy in terms of optimal utility for developers.

The future will have edge computing influence in every stage of IT set-up, literally pushing the cloud to the edge, including the cloud itself. There are again some apprehensions felt by experts about edge computing.

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