6 Ways to Add Gamification to Your Content

A game is fun and stimulating: it engages the player and stimulates the mind. Gaming is ingrained in the human brain. I understand that the word gamification sounds pretty nasty, but don’t be concerned. This is going to be an easy explanation.

Getting rewards along the way for our grades in school or getting some candy for getting through a dental visit without making a big fuss is not new to us humans; we’ve been using gamification for a long time now, long before the Internet came into play. 

Delivering Content via Games

While content quality is still important, it’s also critical to convey material in relevant ways. People are naturally drawn to logical development. You begin with an introduction phase to familiarise yourself with the game and its rules. You learn more about the game’s settings as you go.


One of the advantages of playing video games is the chance to meet like-minded people who share your interest in the same world. Forming a membership service and community for your website’s vast population would be a terrific method to create a similar team-like mentality.


People like being rewarded for their work as well. When we were in primary school, our teacher would reward us with a star sticker for doing anything well. These badges help individuals feel more legitimate, and users may brag about them to their peers.

Features with Points

Building on the notion of creating a community, you can utilize a plugin like myCRED to go one step further and reward members with points. This plugin primarily assists users in creating point systems and managing visitor point accumulation on their WordPress websites. 

Membership Benefits

Captain Up is the tool you’ll want if you’re seeking a completely comprehensive membership rewards gamification solution. Badges, levels, trophies, points, currencies, and awards are just a few of the gamification aspects included in this application.


This is comparable to badges in that it capitalizes on people’s desire to attain a specific level of prestige. Instead of employing digital symbols as incentives, you award multiple levels to your clients, readers, and others based on their level of commitment.

It is undeniable that gamification can increase your audience’s engagement and enhance your content. We have now devoted more time to exploring innovative design techniques such as gamification that we might not have otherwise considered, thanks to the discovery of better, more efficient ways to build websites.

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