8 Page Speed Optimization Hacks For WordPress Sites To Drive Better SEO Results

8 Page Speed Optimization Hacks For WordPress Sites To Drive Better SEO Results

Websites that load quickly perform far better than those that load slowly. The speed with which a website loads is, however, an important SEO consideration. Fast-loading web pages provide a better user experience, which is the most reasonable justification for this decision. so let us look at the top 8 Page Speed Optimization Hacks For WordPress Sites To Drive Better SEO Results

Caching: The cache acts as a memory bank, allowing browsers to temporarily store data without having to ask the server for it. Websites can load faster with this temporary data storage.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Optimizing the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is also a great idea (CLS). When the layout of a web page changes abruptly, it can be annoying to users.

Delay JavaScript: Third-party resources and JavaScript are frequently the sources of website and Web Vital speed optimization issues. A webpage will load faster if this type of JavaScript is delayed.

Fonts: Sluggish websites are caused in part by fonts. Instead of using an external domain, you can load the Fonts from your local server. On your website, avoid employing a lot of different fonts.

Google Maps/Images/Video: Because virtual information is simple to comprehend, the current online development and design style favors the use of numerous high-quality photos and videos. While these can inspire users to spend more time on your site, they have a major impact on page load time.

Lower TTFB: To lower TTFB, make the changes below. You can minimize DNS response time by using the most recent Server Configuration. Use Target Viewer and Server Location as well.

Only install plugins if they’re absolutely necessary: When using open-source platforms like WordPress, developers frequently load all of the plugins (and plugin files) to all of the pages, even if you only require one. It has a significant impact on the time it takes for your page to load.

Quicker Page Switching: When users move from one page to the next while browsing your website, page switching speed is also a concern. Prefetching the Next Page and all Menu Links may assist in resolving the problem.

So, use these hacks and drive better SEO results for your business!

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