9 Ways to Improve Google’s Core Web Vitals for your eCommerce site

Speed up your web page load time and convert more in 2022

The latest algorithm of Google for ranking is Google’s core web vitals. Google web vitals are the set of some important factors that decide whether your website will rank on Google or not. So it is important to improve this Google’s core web vitals score for ranking on Google for your eCommerce website, that’s why here we are giving you 9 tips for improving your Google core web vitals

Take Web hosting services from the best provider

Choosing the right hosting provider is very important as it helps you to make your e-commerce website fast and smooth to use.

Provide great products or services

Provide your customers with your best products and give them great service. Google will automatically understand and will rank your site high in SERP.

Make your website faster and speedy

It is very important to work on the performance and speed of your e-commerce website. Make your website as fast as you can. So that your customers also like to buy from your site.

Keep your website Mobile-friendly

Only mobile, friendly websites run on Google SERPs.  So, never ignore your mobile customers and keep your website mobile-friendly.

Use the lazy loading feature on your website

Use a lazy loading feature to your e-Commerce website that helps you to load only required content (Images, Videos, etc.). It will help you to make your website fast.

Compress your product images

Compress the size of your Product images without destroying image quality so that your product pages can load faster and customers can also enjoy the speed of the website.

Enhance your server response time

Try to enhance your server response time because the longer it takes to load the lower your chance to be ranked on Google.

Improve third-party scripts loading time

Remove third-party unnecessary scripts like ad providers and improve these scripts’ loading time.

Fix your all websites security issues

Make your website secure and give privacy to your customers to buy products then Google will help you to run your website on the first page of Google. So, check out these above-mentioned areas and improve your eCommerce site.

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