A Few Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign is Not Giving Results

SEO Campaign

Even with all the best features, your websites still not ranking on Google? why your SEO is not giving the results and where are lacking you? Let’s take a look at few factors.

You have a problematic link profile.

Today it is not enough to simply built some links, as links do not always guarantee you success. You need to pay attention to building quality links. Check out which website has your link. Does it belong to the same niche or not?  check it carefully.

Your website has poor quality content

Your content takes a great portion in SEO, so make sure that your content is adequate, research, relevant to the customer needs, engaging interesting, and do have keywords in it. As users need a reason to read your content, if you are writing content that has no use, then definitely your website won’t attract customers.

You haven’t figured out the keyword strategy of your niche.

Search is an important part of SEO strategy. The Internet has millions of websites. You need to research carefully which keywords are best for the industry. You can also refer your competitors, what keyword they are using.

Your website has a low conversion rate

Getting a lot of visitors to your website does not always prove that your website is converting them all. You need to analyze visitor activity you can also take help from tracking tools that where your visitors are stops for reading and where they proceed further. Having a clear call to action, social proof and great content on your website really help the visitors converting them into customers.

You are not connected with the social media

Having a strong presence on social media is necessary. Social media can fuel your business better than others. If your brand is having profiles on Instagram and Facebook, you can target more of your customers that are most active on social media platforms

So make your SEO campaign resentful by taking all these factors into consideration.

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