All you need know about storefront digitizing

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Though there might be lots of changing technology brick and mortar store type are never going to be outdated. Despite the number of growing eCommerce stores, the physical stores are always going to dominate and would never lose its value ever. People always want something new, now & then, and hence store digitization is the best way to keep things interested in technology.

The thing is the brick-and-mortar will always despite of the growing e-commerce stores will always look out for new opportunities and ways to grow their business.

What are the challenges of store digitalization?

  • Defining customer journeys by adopting a digital culture to serve modern store needs
  • Transforming marketing and commercial strategies with digital tools
  • Bringing the customer to the store
  • Making technology accessible by in-store sales staff
  • Assisting a customer in the store
  • Measuring the effectiveness of digital tools
  • Guaranteeing cross-channel cohesion

How store digitization will transform the retail sector?

Practically, store digitization means using technology to transform the store. The goal of store digitization is to transform and make the shopping experience quicker, more convenient and more personalized for customers. The physical stores will be able to meet the high expectations of customers and offer them experience that matches the one people get on e-commerce.

  • In a physical retail store, it is equally impossible to find the same pattern of dress you liked in the different color. Hence, to make shopping quicker and more ultimately pleasant store digitization is a smart way.
  • In terms of convenience, the click and collect (buying online and picking up in store) is the much feasible way for retailers.
  • You get more personalized service with recommendations from AI on the POS. The sales staff in the store is able to covey the relevant product recommendations in the form of personal suggestion to the customers.

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