All you Need to Know About Direct to Customer Marketing (D2C)

All you need to know about direct to customer marketing (D2C)

The traditional supply chain follows a pattern of the manufacturer to the supplier to wholesaler to distributor to retailer and finally, the product goes to the customer. And it includes the long negotiation process on its every stage which takes a long time to launch the product and getting feedback from the customers.

The traditional selling process ignores direct customer sales of the product. But now companies are decided to cut out the middleman, wholesalers, and distributors from the selling process and directly send their products to their end customers.

Let us discuss some characteristics of Direct to customer companies.

  • These are the entrants to the low barriers entry industry.
  • These companies are extremely passionate about their customers
  • These companies want to minimize their cost, therefore, cut out the middleman from the selling process and sell directly to the customers
  • These companies use the largest level of digital marketing especially.

The benefits that you get by selling your product and taking your brand directly to the customer are –

No middleman

In this process of selling directly to the customer, you will eliminate the different middlemen of the selling process. With the help of this, your product will be sold at a low price. As eating profit margin from third parties is now saved. This is a good process if you want your product to be low priced and affordable

Better connection with the customer

In this process, you are directly dealing with the customer, which means you are directly connecting with the customer which can easily provide you with feedback. And you can even improve your product quickly if needed.

You can control your brand story

If you are shipping your products to third parties, then you are giving up your brand control in their hands. On the other side if you are directly dealing with the customers then 3P’s of marketing- price promotion, placement will be in your hand.

So these are some powerful benefits and characteristics that you will get by having direct customer dealing.

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