Artificial Intelligence features used Mobile Technology in 2019

AI features used in Mobile Technology:-

Artificial Intelligence undoubtedly opens new avenues to develop all kinds of innovative and intelligent mobile applications. The mobile application developers today are integrating more of artificial intelligence technology in their apps which are very much needed in expanding and exploring the new horizons of the mobile technology.

Artificial Intelligence detects and solves the problems and performs tasks sans any human involvement with its own intellectual, one of kind features -machine vision, machine learning, knowledge management and natural language processing. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to adapt in any given environment.

Artificial Intelligence undoubtedly provides life-changing features in the smart phones.

Artificial Intelligence has been present in smart phones for a while now, with powering voice assistant features like Siri and the Google Assistant for example. Previously Artificial intelligence was cloud-based and required an internet connection to be accessed. Today, smart phones use built-in Artificial Intelligence engines on the hardware. This novelty has been announced by tech giants such as Google, Apple and Huawei.

The Artificial Intelligence-vision engine in-built in the smart phones can predict the pixels that are missing, provides full display and zooming in options.

Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to provide 50 times more energy efficient smart phones.

In-device Artificial Intelligence engine saves power, saving the energy.

Artificial Intelligence effectively facilitates the smart phone users a personalized user experience. With this feature, all the user needs to do is tell the app what they want and the app would just place the order for the user based on those preferences itself.

In-device Artificial Intelligence provides better security as only less data need to be shared with the cloud-based system and more data will remain on the device.

“Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are really the things of future and they are going to grow and rule the mobile apps development programming”.

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