Average Time-On-Page Vs. Average Session Duration In Google Analytics

Where in Google Analytics to find the Average Session Duration?

Metrics that evaluate website visitor interaction and website visitor volume are becoming more critical as a KPI or gauge of a brand website’s success as more and more successful businesses move into the data-driven digital development condition.

Tools like Google Analytics can facilitate the measurement of these qualities. We concentrate on the average time on page and the average session duration in this blog since they are two of the most important metrics related to web analytics.

We will discuss what they signify, how they are calculated, and the type of knowledge they might offer regarding the functionality of a website. Let’s start by explaining the meanings of “time-on-page” and “session duration.”

Time On Page

The time elapsed between a user’s first arrival on a web page and their departure for the following determines their time on the page. The trigger that starts the website’s timer counting down from the moment you click a link to access another page is doing so. The time-on-page is 0 if the user leaves a website without visiting any additional pages.

Session Duration

When a person regularly interacts with a website within a specific period, such a period is referred to as a session. When a user doesn’t interact with the system for a set period, the session is timed out. The term “session duration” refers to the total time a user disburses on a website.

Where in Google Analytics to find the Average Session Duration?

A few of the articles in GA that are concerned with how people interact with your website and pages might help you determine the typical session length for your website.

  • Behavior> Site Content > Landing Pages report, which displays the average session length for each landing page
  • Each channel’s average session duration is shown in the Channels Report under Acquisition> All Traffic> Channels Report.
In Google Analytics, where to locate the Average Time on a Page?

Some reports might help you identify the typical time users spend on your website.

  • Behavior Summary Report – Behavior > Overview report, which displays the average time users spend on each page.
  • The Avg. Time on Page of each page is displayed in the All Pages Report Behavior > Site Content > All Pages report.

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