Benefits of Responsive Design

Benefits of Responsive Design

Increase Sales & Conversion Rates

The next primary benefit of responsive design is that the user has a superior site experience as there is no need for redirection, the use of CSS or Standardized Style Sheets across different devices and integrated design approach creates consistency to the over all look.  The unswerving user experience will of course have a positive impact on your conversion rates as people become familiar with navigation and use of system or site across devices.  As a matter of fact, responsive design removes some of the difficulties that multiple sites could pose; which could be in performance, consistency and functionality.

Consolidate Your Analytics & Reporting

Your task to track user journeys, conversion paths, redirections between your sites and funnels are things of the past.  A single responsive site performs these duties accurately. Moreover, site analytics tools like Google Analytics are optimized enough to handle multiple devices and also even undertake responsive reporting.   Further, a condensed single report allows for easier monitoring or even carrying out analysis as all tracking and analytics will continue to function seamlessly.

Increase Your Visibility in Search Engines

Maintaining your site with limited time and with a single set of hypertext links is what Responsive Design emphasizes on.  It also means that you could have all the time in the world to focus on link outreach with a consolidated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.  Normally, SEO campaigns could be time consuming and financially not a viable proposition; but in stark contrast by creating a responsive site, unified strategy across devices comes into play and your efforts get focused on a single site.

Good quality content is of a paramount importance in SEO and that too when released regularly improves the ranking page positioning of your search engine.  So it is an established fact that there is an advantage of responsive design as wastage of resources is few and far between in low-level replication of content across sites, the content is applied to a single site increasing your chances of a higher search engine ranking.

Analytics, of Google, could confirm that mobile optimized responsive sites are getting prominently featured in localized search results.  Significantly this raises the bar for the promising and budding online retailers at par with other mobile utilities.

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