How to design a blog for tourism destinations?

blogs for tourism

Storytelling has always been at its creativity best that involves an understanding of emotions.  Understanding your story of destination and communicating encompasses narrative to hold the readers. While storytelling can be the very heart of destination marketing, it can be communicated through campaigns or branding in such a way that the readers would feel that they are at ground zero and their actual experience would be when they are actually at that destination someday in future.

Excellent Content – Fundamental to Destination Marketing

A content that is unique, remarkable and brilliant has the potential to engage people.  Exceptionally created contents encourage them at the planning and buying stage thereby inducing them through blogs, customer reviews, and testimonies.  Thus in order for destinations to take benefit of this opportunity, they need to focus energies into word of mouth marketing tactics, the creation, and publishing of distinctive and pertinent content on a blog.

Blogging & Destinations – Marketing Budget Investment Through Blogging – A Smart Way

In order to engage potential visitors, the heavy spending of the budget on social media strategy is seen on many destinations. Moreover, this implementation to invest in resources in platforms is not owned by them.

Certainly, we are not advocating that social media is a not a vain attempt.  It offers great prospect to engage but content need not be exclusive for social media platform, as we have found that the shelf life of contents here is too short.

Blog content remains evergreen and fresh making it accessible always with the provision to reuse or share multiple times. In other words, all content needs to be created and also put up on the blog for sharing on social media platforms.  Your wonderful creativity gets shared as you encourage visits to your website to access the content by giving your destination a chance for allowing as a holiday option by prospective visitors.

Blogging Aids in Building A Dynamic Online Presence For Your Destination

Predominantly, two-dimensional websites are for Australian destinations. Such as a list of tourism products, regional information, local events, search and booking functionality are covered in the website. The feature sometimes also includes an itinerary builder, wishlist functionality offering interaction, though they do not result in any great conversions and these things are geared toward building a sense of desire to visit a particular destination.

While blogs are a powerful tool telling stories about a destination, they also build relationships with potential visitors giving descriptive details of the real experiences and taste as if the visitors were at the destination.

Visitors can share blog posts on social media and with their family and friends even while engaging themselves with it by offering comments on the post. They can even connect with real people of a particular destination – which could become the USP.

In this way, it helps the destination website to become more informative complete with all the details for the potential visitor. This will also generate more footfalls and increase in conversion for the destination.

Kudos Your Destination Website Gets More Visitations – Credit Goes to Blogging

For your search engine optimization strategy, blogging is the basic approach. Content is the core of an SEO as search engines are always watchful to get relevant and inspiring content for their search engine results pages. A popular and authoritative content would be a bonus. While each blog post has the capability to focus on specific and relevant search items, it gives wings to your website for a wider sweep when located in search engine results.  Your content fascinates visitors as it draws them due to its appealing features when they come looking for, not only for the name of your destination but all types of holiday experiences that your site provides.

Mark our words, if you are planning to create wonderful stores that are capable of enthralling the audience, share it on social media and wait for the response.  You will see that your post is building its authority as a significant source for optimized search terms so will be rewarded in search engine results.

Right Blogging Means More Visitations to Your Website Destination                         

It is a well-known fact that blogging is the foundation approach for your search engine optimization plan. As content is the central part of SEO, search engines are always on the look-out for important and the right content for their search engine result pages.  What they look for?  They look for popular and inspiring contents with relevant subjects.  Moreover, each blog post has the knack to focus on specific topics that are pertinent giving your website the right fillip meeting expectations of search engine results by drawing the right type of people looking for different holiday experiences and not just those who search for the name of your destination.

All the same, if you are developing delightful stories, sharing them in social media and receiving feedback on your blog is good for you.  Incidentally, the post acquires its authority as an authentic source for optimized search terms and thus rewarded in search engine results with a good ranking.  Thereafter you will find your authoritative posts going up favored with qualified visitors to your website, thereby giving an opportunity to convert more website visitors into actual visitors to your destination.

Blogging Strategy – Ways & Means

At the outset, find out the clarity and the purpose of the blog. Ascertain how it is going to be maintained in the future. Basically, if you go to see, blogging strategy is simply a set of steps that have to remain consistent in terms of brand, relevance, and engagement.

Objectives Of Blog

First and foremost, you have to have an idea about what you want your blog to achieve. Check your blog and its prospects to achieve your marketing goals as the blog, if set properly, has the power to convince potential visitors. Convince to sit and think about the destinations viz. tour, ticketing, itinerary attraction, accommodation. Besides, it is also a perfect vehicle to inspire visitors to sign up to your destinations’ E-Mail updates thereby offering more opportunities to engage with your visitors regularly by E-Mails.

Editorial Calendar

The next step, as part of your strategy, is to develop an editorial calendar which will act as a guide for storylines.  This will also ensure you to cover all of the relevant topics and experiences in the region.  Undoubtedly, you will have an abundance of potential storylines but think out of the box.  Get into the core of it as to what makes your region popular and blogs appeal to people who visit.


Generally, one works on limited resources in a tourism organization.  Moreover, writing blog posts involves energy and time not to talk of skill.  However, there are a few resourcing approaches you could consider while designing your blog strategy.

In-house Content Creation:

When it comes to resourcing your blog, the initial option is to create an in-house content.  By referring your Editorial Calendar, you could create posts using the following content gathering ideas:

  • Interview a Local Person or Business: It will work well if you are a membership-based organization.  In other words, this could form part of your member benefits.
  • Create an Itinerary: Develop an itinerary just for a customer segment. Consider what a family consisting of two adults and two children would do in your destination for a day or 3 or more days.
  • Professional Travel Bloggers: Their experience can be used as guest blogs. They will anyway love to jump for the honors as it will help them with their website SEO and also get visitors to their travel blog.
  • Professional Bloggers: It is a standard practice to include photographs and pictures of the destinations which will give life to the blog content. Hire a photographer to undertake notable experiences in the region. Post the pictures representing with captions in a blog format.
  • Visitors: Incorporating visitors’ comments and photographs, with their permission, is another
  • Locals at Destination: You will be amazed to find many local personalities who have great writing skill in the subject of local tourism; approach them and get them to write blogs regularly. Brilliant way of collating great content for a blog.


Blog Sharing

If you do not share, the exceptional content that you have meticulous created and published on a blog for a great outreach, the effort is a waste of energy and time! For your blogging strategy, you will need to identify how you will correctly organize your content to reach beyond exceed.

After you have published your posts, go ahead and….

  • Share them on your social media platforms
  • Share them on public relation websites as
  • Make reference your E-newsletters to visitors, and industry E-newsletters
  • Popular travel magazines and relevant portals can be approached for publishing the post in their forthcoming edition or on their blog.
  • You may even encourage your industry operators to share the content in their social media accounts and also on E-Marketing channels.


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