Converting Window Shoppers into Prospective Customers

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It is not unusual, at times, to not pick up an article/product by looking at the product displayed in shop windows.  Window shopping is a usual activity. But it irks the business owner when such activity takes place he feels the heart of heart that the sale flops as there is hardly any likelihood of the window shoppers converting into prospects, let alone repeat loyal customers.

Moreover, every sale counts for a startup which could be small or insignificant. Even if you do not have customers enquiring through phone or visiting your showroom, you have to take advantage of those few who show up at your store. It is depressing to note that the closing sale is below average.

  • Importance of USP:

Lay emphasis on your unique selling proposition. Identify what makes you stand out among the competition and proclaim your message to the world. For the record, for instance, an event celebrating the anniversary of a corporate organization publicized the credentials of a new chef hired from a popular restaurant in town and raising its conversion rate in terms of popularity.

  • Identify Hurdles in Your Sales Process:

Study and evaluate the different factors required to infuse customers’ confidence to buy from you. In the same breath check and rectify your shortcomings. If you are in the construction business and in order to make a sale, you might need to schedule an appointment with your prospective client, make a presentation of your work and take measurements of the areas you propose to construct/develop.  This could be followed by a design proposal and quotation.  You may also require to present references and testimonials. Perhaps you may need the latest pictures for your portfolio. Maybe your proposal package needs to be reviewed according to the client. Are you making regular follow-ups over phone calls or personal visits? Fix the trouble shootings and sales will grow.

  • Appropriate Use of Telephone Inquiries:

Bear in mind that the caller may not call again. Under no circumstances let a caller get away with simply asking for price information of your product and service. Your staff should be adept in telemarketing: “Thanks for your call. I wish to be of help to you, can I ask you a couple of questions, if you permit?” This will engage the customer with the charm of sweet talks. A retailer would increase his business by adopting this technique and training his sales team to ask pertinent questions like preferences/choice, comfort level, low-priced versus longer-lasting products,

  • Banish the Question “Can I help you?”

Avoid this typical question. The customer will definitely say “No thanks, I’m just looking” and end the conversation. You may train your sales team to instead, ask, “Hi, have you visited our store in the past?” If the reply is in the negative, the answer to your sales staff should be “Let me show you around.” But if the visitor says yes, I have visited; the response should be, “Welcome back, let me show you a couple of new arrivals just launched.” This way, the customer is not left alone but escorted by your sales personnel.

  • Rephrase Your Sales Script:

If you examine many mistakes that happen in selling that can be attributed to sending the wrong messages. The conversion rates of the organization have since doubled.

  • Fine-tune Your Sales Pitch To The Customer:

It may sound immature and basic; nevertheless, most people do not opt for it. Your sales team needs proper training to ask questions to get the customers’ needs and also to satisfy different buying patterns. One pattern called DISC outlines the public into dominant, influencer, stability and compliance buyers. A jewelry store claimed that its conversion rate went up considerably by using role-playing and other training methods to assist their sales staff to adopt different customer methods.

You have to remember one thing that marketing can only help in making your phone ring or at the most even get in customers to your shop, but you cannot win their confidence unless you turn your “live” prospects into paying loyal customers. Provide the right tools to your sales team and you will see the number of shoppers leaving your store without procuring anything will be reduced to a few.

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