Digital Marketing Contributes in Promoting Business During COVID-19 Lockdown


Although a lockdown would bring life to a grinding halt, in a modern digital environment, this should not be an impediment to deter one from continuing one’s business.  Besides, possibly in the present upheaval and commotion most of the businesses may not remember the significance of SEO in Digital Marketing.  One must also remember that posting some good and specifically relevant content helps in marketing products and services.

The current COVID-19 pandemic seems to be unending and has effectively impacted everything from individual life to business; small, medium, and large businesses affecting the overall economy. With businesses shut, many projects paused; most people are locked up in their homes. In this situation, businesses are finding it hard to promote their trade as advertisers have temporarily halted advertising in print. In fact, they have stopped taking any new assignments.

Among this disturbing news, which has a great impact on the traditional way of marketing, there are good tidings which are encouraging.  The modern business has virtually taken off in the form of online content and social media which have surged a lot due to people stuck in their homes.

Thus, a lot of companies adapted the route of Digital Marketing to promote their business and stay connected with their customers.

While we are on the subject, digital marketing has gained remarkable growth and has also become part and parcel of modern business.  Anyway, irrespective of service offered and business size, digital marketing has become inseparable for companies to sell their product and services.  Nevertheless, the current COVID-19 outbreak has upset the entire business process in a big way and some organizations find ways and means to work remotely.  It is a critical situation for some companies to boost the morale of their clients and customers. Digital marketing now proves very effective and useful by using this medium in the best possible way by capitalizing on this technology.

Business can utilize Digital Marketing in many ways

By using different marketing tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google AdWords campaign, PPC (Pay Per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimization), et al can help you improve the rank of the website.  It is important to update the website content and onsite SEO regularly so that it can be effective to enhance the performance of the website.  

Social Media Marketing

People spend greater part of their time online particularly social media and other digital platforms so posting content to Social Media and boost relevant posts will help create awareness for the prospective and potential consumers for success in business.

Online Content

In the course of the lockdown period, digital media in different formats like websites, social posts, and online news get many readers; much more than newspapers and other print media like magazines, journals, etc.  In order to keep the customers engaged and informed, businesses need to create relevantly valid customer-oriented articles or blogs by publishing on different platforms.

Online Campaigning

We are in the age of instant messaging, conversations in real-time online chat, live to campaign, etc. and it becomes all the more important to maintain a healthy relationship between businesses and their clients.  While online campaigning is an essential tool for customer engagements, customer relationship is the key factor for the success of any business. One can ingeniously organize a campaign during the lockdown period and attract many audiences who are locked up in their homes.

Working Out Favourable Time SEO                                   

Coronavirus has seemingly taken over the world and has also effectively closed up many businesses. This situation has prompted some of the business houses to bend over their digital marketing prospects. However, this is not the correct perception of events that is unfolding before us, since lockdown should not prevent you from continuing your business and building your online presence. Most of the businesses may forget the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing in the general sense. Keeping in mind for small to medium-sized businesses, an attempt has to be made in the right direction to continue with the efforts.

Keeping your website updated and optimized

Obviously, optimization of a website is very decisive and critical to get traffic for maintaining fairly a decent level over the search engine. The goal is to get traffic from diverse sources and also to get repetitive footfalls. In the normal course, one has to wait for any where between four and six months for SEO to start generating results and they grow over time, naturally.

Make hay while the sun shines!  We need to develop SEO during the lockdown, because many people have a whale of a time at their disposal and spend time browsing the internet during the day; chances are they will certainly click on your business website while browsing. Undoubtedly, a well-optimized and user-friendly website creates a great impression on the audience in terms of the user experience despite lockdown.

 Maintaining the SEO effort:

The audience perspective makes sense.  The general online business opinion is it centers mainly around your SEO efforts and ensures in maintaining your organic search results. Even if it ranks a little lower than expected, there are still high chances of retaining them and improving further since the SEO efforts are still continuously getting updated.

Think of competitors and strategies when we have complete SEO conversations in order to rank better than them. This lockdown during the pandemic is the right chance to rank better as many competitors may have folded up, though temporarily.

Importance of Local SEO:

Get into the domain of local SEO and make an attempt to grow your business in creating brand awareness. Google My Business provides a range of options starting from adding the business name to the opening and closing time of your business. You can take advantage of this to inform your customers about the timing of your business during the lockdown, of course by following the guidelines of the local regulatory authorities.

Google My Business page also has the option to increase website traffic by providing links back to your website in the content that you post, take advantage of the same. You can also take advantage to post your business on local business listing websites, so that it becomes easy for the people who are interested in your services/products to find you even post lockdown. This will lead to an improvement in the relevant audiences for your business.

 Content Matters

 In order to drive relevant audiences to your website, content plays a vital role. In these turbulent times, there is much more to do at home; some people may still find time to catch up on their reading habits. In the present state of mind, people caged at home would expect some interesting content and moreover, it befits providing it in the field of your capability which would also count as a chance to achieve potential customers. Posting some, relevantly specific content helps in presenting you in good light to your audience about your expertise in that field and boosting your brand.

In Conclusion

 In these turbulent times, amid the challenging situation of the pandemic, time is the only commodity that is superfluous where one can work on strategies alongside the SEO efforts. The lockdown may not have killed the raging virus, but it sure did kill hundreds of jobs across sectoral barriers.

However, humanity with their resilient nature will fight back. There is no stopping.  When the pandemic comes to an end; if not eradicated completely, we are going to spring up and ready to reestablish our businesses with fresh potency.

The government, as well as other private players, are using digital platforms to educate by creating awareness among the people about the COVID-19 outbreak. In other words, there are a lot of opportunities out there for different types of industries to engage. So, put your right foot forward and position your brand on a specific pedestal during this crisis which would be a great step forward for your business to thrive in today’s highly competitive world.

Let us vow to start it right away – ASAP! The time is ripe to utilize SEO to its hilt. Moreover, if you need any assistance for SEO services, you can reach us through the chat option on the right bottom of the screen.

Don’t venture without sufficient purpose. Stay home. Stay safe!

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