E-Commerce & Internet of Things (IoT) in Retail

eCommerce and IoT

By the year 2020 E-Commerce sales will reach a whopping $27 trillion globally. If the reports are to be believed, IoT installed base is expected to grow by 26 billion units or more in 2020.  The figure seems ambitious.   For instance, Amazon Echo owners spend about 10% more than what they spent earlier.  Meaning, IoT has been instrumental in the growth of E-Commerce sector.  Moreover, it has influenced millions of lives with its remarkable competence.

This modern generation is evolving and IoT is radically transforming the way a shopper shops. With IoT devices making their way to online stores, some amazing things we are seeing in recent times; like the smart mirrors that allow customers to try clothes virtually or Amazon dash button that helps users to reorder their desired products even without logging on the site…. so on and so forth.

E-Commerce in modern times has grown by leaps and bounds generating huge benefits in a short time span with an innovative IoT technology.  We take a look at the advantages and benefits offered by IoT to the E-Commerce sector:

Superior Customer Experience

In a relative term, IoT technology is becoming ultra-modern that enables retailers to deliver an all-inclusive and wholesome shopping experience which includes personalized, contextualized interactions which lead to a high level of customer engagement.  As a matter of fact, only based on shopping patterns that are revealed via search trends and online browsing, IoT is instrumental for vendors to increase their targeted sale of merchandise.  Besides, they can focus on the needs of their customers in a better way to get leads and references.  Technically, pairing Bluetooth beacons with a retailer’s shopping apps over a customer’s smartphone device can also help to understand the shopper’s strategy across the store.

Exceptional and Distinctive Value to Customers

IoT technology has a great influence over real-time information which helps sellers to give special value to their customers.  In the present competitive retail market, the customer data, in terms of a volume owned by a retailer is a pointer about its brand equity, which is a benchmark in itself.  This data for retail stores is very valuable and will put it to best use in order to engage customers, with warranties, after-sales service, seasonal discounts etc.

In this way, IoT and E-Commerce businesses go hand in hand by offering novel and exclusive selling ideas that keep them in sync with their customers. IoT, for instance, is used by Walmart to find out the popularity of their products on the social media platform.

Efficient E-Commerce Logistics

The success of any e-commerce business depends mainly on smooth and uninterrupted supply chain management and IoT ensures a seamless and continuous flow of goods from one location to another.  The system not only helps in the continuous tracking of goods right from their production until consumption but also assists IoT-enabled detectors, retailers to easily manage the route and monitor their shipments.

Moreover, with the help of radio frequency identification (RFID) and global positioning system (GPS) techniques, traders can keep a track of the products in transit, deliver particular information about its location, temperature etc. E-Commerce traders can also optimize their inventory and prevent shortage or over-stocking of products in their warehouses by adopting IoT technology.


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