eCommerce Push Notification Ideas To Implement Right Away

How to get quality traffic to your eCommerce store

As the eCommerce industry is expanding at a faster rate, eCommerce marketers must integrate advanced features in mobile apps to keep users engaged. Push notifications are the most effective marketing tactic that marketers are using these days to grow and maintain their target audience across multiple channels.

Push notifications are messages that appear as pop-ups on a user’s phone or desktop via their web browser. Push notifications in eCommerce include super saver deals and discounts. 

Let’s look at how various types of eCommerce push notifications can help you increase conversions and close more sales.

In-store/near-store location

When your app users are near your stores, use their device’s location settings to alert them to special offers. If you have a store as well as an eCommerce presence, this is an excellent way to increase foot traffic.

Order and delivery status updates

People prefer to be kept informed of what is happening with their orders. Use push notifications to keep them updated on how the order is progressing when it is with couriers and on its way to them.

Flash sales

With a flash sale or limited-time offer, you can create a sense of urgency and drive traffic to your app. With push notifications, notify your app’s users that this is happening. Customers are more likely to receive this notification in time to access a flash sale and take advantage of the offer than via an email marketing campaign because not everyone checks their email as frequently as their phone.

Personalized offers

Use push notifications to notify app users about special personalized offers that are only available to them. Make them feel extra special by offering promotions such as money off for their birthdays or sign-up anniversary discounts.

Reminders about abandoned carts

Because of the more seamless experience, your shopping carts should be abandoned at a lower rate on an app than on a desktop. Those who do not check out can be easily promoted by sending a friendly push notification reminder.

Price drop alerts

Encourage users to buy by keeping them up to date on price fluctuations. Send them a notification when items on their wishlist or recently viewed items are reduced in price.

Free Shipping Notifications

Customers prefer online shopping because it is more convenient. Shipping costs may be one of the factors preventing your customers from completing their purchases. Improving your customers’ experiences with occasional free shipping offers can increase the value of your brand. Customers who receive free shipping end up purchasing more products to make the most of it.

Remember to think like a user and value your user’s experience when creating and sending push notifications. The more you know about your users, it will become easier for you to keep them updated, informed, and engaged. 

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