E-Commerce Web Designing Trends :-

Online shopping… Voila! Has become a daily routine — more and more people are purchasing stuff on the web at the comfort of their homes! Speaking of sales and retail, things like gimmicky typography, extensive decorations or, on the contrary, minimalism doesn’t look as cool as they may seem. Let’s take a look at the web design trends.

Horizontally & Vertically Responsive :-

With mobile shopping on the rise, it is important for an online store to provide a fluid, responsive transition in width and height to compensate for the vast differences in screen size and spacing across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Add to Cart Buttons:-

The add to cart allows customers to add products to their shopping cart, and continue shopping or check out.

Invest in Additional Design Elements :-

Invest in extra design elements that can create a really unique vibe. Aim at making your store as alive and interactive as possible.

Adding Videos :-

Videos — these are and will be trending in 2018 for sure. Product pages will work to your benefit if you embed a full-screen video or videos from social media.

Conversational interfaces :-

This trend of chatbots and conversational interfaces really took off in 2016.

Information Structure :-

Shopping is often about comparing products and learning the details prior to buying. Putting as much information on product pages as possible is the way to go.

Transitions & Animation :-

Transitions and animations can be added to various website components like links, navigation, and images to create a unique experience for users. They serve two purposes. Firstly, adding extra splash that defines the brand and also creates a tailored experience. Secondly, transitions and animations can call attention to important items on the page.

Colors :-

Bold, bright colors and gradients are making a comeback.

Stepped style navigation :-

Website designers are quickly adopting the use of stepped style navigation which informs the users where they are on the page, how much longer the page is, and also provides a means to navigate.

Emotionally intelligent design :-

Emotional design has come to mean humanizing technology with cute animal mascots and eternally chipper chatbots offering delightful and variable rewards that keep customers clicking.

Micro-interactions :-

Micro-interactions are in in-things today.  Tiny and simple details serve a single important but invisible feature.  These functions for settings or adjusting a particular feature etc., contribute to the overall experience of using an app.

Design sprints :-

Design sprints have become increasingly popular among product teams.

Credibility becomes king :-

Of late Google and Facebook have started testing the authenticity of the features that facilitates users to determine fact from fiction, thus making designers to find and adapt trending ways to communicate credibility, safety, and trust online..

Breaking the Grid :-

Websites are moving away from the standard column and grid layout. Instead, websites are experimenting with placement in an effort to refine and modernize design.

Out-of-the-box design concepts :-

These days, websites are moving away from traditional web design concepts and breaking out of the box in an effort to create tailored user experiences and showcase their brand’s unique qualities. Implementing the key design concepts can help online stores to increase conversions and create a memorable experience for shoppers.

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