eCommerce Website Optimization

eCommerce Website Optimization
Everything you need to know for optimizing eCommerce website

In order to enhance your website visibility and allow retention of visitors or convert them into prospective customers, a holistic approach is needed. E-Commerce optimization is all about effectively utilizing with the available resources.  Resources are content, navigation, product description and design that is perfectly visible on the website should prompt users to buy your products or services with conviction.

Conversion rate and optimization is a valuable skill per se; as it involves complex process to increase the percentage of website visitors. It becomes all the more difficult to know the desired inputs required to change or add without following the mandated CRO audit. A decade of experience under the belt in SEO and web designing, our team has all the required skills to improve your website and customer experience thereon.

Over 70% of Shoppers Prefer Online to Traditional Stores for Better Deal

Although customers are considered to be supreme and important, but their minds are indecisively diffident when it comes to shopping. Currently major revenue is generated from online sales segment.  Not to lag behind and in order to attract their target market, medium and small businesses are optimizing their sites in a big way.

Some quick pertinent questions: Are you using E-Commerce optimization to improve your online business and profits?  Are your customers at a loss to purchase products online even when you have a product-based business?

E-Commerce Optimization – Innovative Designs from the Experts

We at eTCS know the market trending pulse and apply effective E-commerce marketing ideas.  We can work on your website to boost your business and increase revenue to attract target customers by perfectly optimizing your website.

Some of the key factors governing the concepts are:

Optimizing Content: Getting the product description and content optimized perfectly in order to quickly find your product

  • SEO Activities: Some major search engine optimization services we undertake such as Google, Yahoo etc.
  • Designing Site Layout Plans: Search engine friendly and easy to navigate online store can be created by us in consultation with you.
  • Managing Visibility: Pay Per Click campaign after optimizing your site for high visibility in search engines for specific products is one of our specialty areas.
  • Accurate Keywords: It is important to finalize the appropriate key words with the right description for your product which is done after in-depth and meticulous research to avoid any glitches.

Benefits from E-Commerce Optimization

Our detailed monthly analytical reporting will show you the glimpse of the benefits of your investments in E-Commerce. Few are shown below:

  • A 360 degree Google Analytics reports presents the activity of your site.
  • Keyword rankings that are frequently updated are always available for checking.
  • A comprehensive activity report about our work on your site and the productive usage of time will be presented to you on a regular basis.
  • Monthly video summary and review of E-Commerce activity about developments/progress from your optimization specialist can be made available.
  • E-Commerce specialists can be contacted for any queries and for new ideas.

Customized E-Commerce Website Design – Benefits

It is advisable to be a proud owner of a dedicated custom E-Commerce web design due to the surge in the E-Commerce storefront market. This will help you stand out in the digital storefront competition in your market segment. A custom website design specially created for your brand of products and services offered will leave a lasting impression of ‘first impression is the best impression’ on your visitors’ minds.

Moreover customized designs offers the liberty of freedom and flexibility of creativity of implementing your brand appeal into the form of an online presence.  Besides, you can maintain well and have more control over the entire look and feel of your online store based on the liking of your customers.

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