Enterprise Business Solution (ERP & CRM) for the Real Estate Industry in UAE

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Customer relationship management (CRM) solution for the Real Estate industry

Every business aims for client’s satisfaction but it becomes hard after reaching the limit of clients. Today, it is hard to manage clients manually so there is an introduction CRM (Customer Management System) that helps you manage your clients efficiently and effectively. Moreover, in the Real Estate industry, as a realtor interacts with many clients and leads that it is almost impossible for the team to remember the goal of the purpose of the client. Therefore, Real Estate CRM is best in this scenario.

What is CRM for Real Estate?

A Real estate CRM helps in storing all the information of clients in a single place. That such information can be accessed by a real estate agent. Moreover, with the help of this software, you can automate your marketing, sales and customer support. It also helps in tracing previous records and conversations. 

Types of Real Estate CRM:

Cloud CRM: The data that is stored in cloud CRM stores in the external network. Moreover, it can be accessed anywhere and anytime but, you should have internet connectivity.

Offline CRM: The data is stored in local drives and can be only accessed through local networks.

Features of Real Estate CRM

Lead & Contact Management:

A CRM software helps in managing leads as it allows you to categorize customers according to the current status such as cold, warm, lead, client, past client and more.

Email Management:

Email marketing is known to be one of the best methods o reaching out to potential audiences. With the help of real estate CRM, you can be able to send professional emails directly through CRM

Sales Automation:

It consists of sales and related information. With the help of this feature, you can understand the interest of your customers and enhance your sales process accordingly.

Enterprise business solution (ERP) for the Real Estate Industry in UAE

Why do businesses need an ERP solution?

ERP software manages and integrates the company’s operations financials, Logistics manufacturing and HR activities.

The software combined all the company’s activities into one Central automated system that provides information on all the activities in one place.

What benefits ERP software provides real estate business?

Well, real estate business normally doesn’t involve the typical business activities like supply chain and manufacturing, but still it gives a great benefit to real estate.

With this software, the broker can easily manage their sales and deal with contractors. Real estate investment firms use this ERP solution to manage their leasing and rentals, to collect payments and to pay subcontractors.

The ones who have new construction businesses use ERP solutions to manage their construction schedules, bill payment and to deal with the clients.

Large companies who are involved in the real estate industry use ERP software for keeping track records in the hand of all the activities. Moreover ERP solutions keep day-to-day tracking tasks, your products and procuring material and also report to you whether your task is completed in standard time and budget or not.

ERP software provides

  • Access to customer data including all the historical contracts between the company and the customer
  • Organize and report on finances of the company
  • Manage inventory and marketing campaigns
  • Automate the processes of pre-sales like automatic text replies etc.
  • Record property database with all the relevant details
  • Provide a smooth experience to your customers by ensuring booking management of visiting your properties.

What is the best ERP solution?

Well, the best ERP solution will depend upon the user requirement, if you have a company that is in the pre-construction period then you will have different needs as compared to Commercial real estate business.

There are many ERP solutions prevailing in the market that come with different features, go with the one which is right for your business by comparing its features with your real estate business needs.

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