Five Multimedia Components

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Five Multimedia Components:-

In a bid to engage and woo customers/users, multimedia software applications use an array of content items as the software is versatile to include several varieties of media. The principal characteristics of a multimedia system are the use of more than one kind of media to deliver content and range of operations within its given spectrum. It normally involves programming code and improved user interaction because web and desktop computing programs can both engage multimedia components and media items. Nevertheless multimedia items fall into one of five core categories and use varied techniques for digital formatting.

1. Text:-

In computing applications, the most common media type is the text content at the same time it could also be an easy content type to forget when considering multimedia systems. In order to deliver proper functionality, most multimedia systems use a blend of text and other media elements.Generally, texts in multimedia systems act as support and back up for information available in other media items. Moreover, they can express specific information in multimedia. Generally, in applications with accessibility requirements, this is a common practice. For instance, as an alternative if digital image item is unavailablefor the users’ browser, a short amount of text is included when Web pages contain image elements.

2. Images:-

Visuals and images play an important role in multimedia applications. Thus, digital images files acting as digital photographs display content of application forming part of user interface. Many a times, interactive elements like buttons use custom images that are created by developers and designers of an application. A whole range of assorted formats and file extensions are used by Digital image files. JPEGs and PNGs are among the common formats. These formats, commonly appearing on the websites in particular, allow developers to shrink the file size and scale up resolution quality of picture. The two graphic design software programs, the digital photo editing software and Photoshop, allow developers to create intricate visual effects with digital images.

3. Audio:-

In some multimedia systems, audio files and streams play a significant role. It appears as part of application content besides helping in interaction. Audio files at times need to be deployed by using plug-in media players when they appear within Web applications and sites. Some of the common audio formats are MP3, WMA, Wave, MIDI and RealAudio. A compressed format to reduce download time is generally used by developers to include audio within a website. Web services can also stream audio to enable users to start playing back even before the entire file gets downloaded.


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