Google Cloud hosting for ecommerce

With technology being available at the touch of a button, shopping online has never been so pleasant. It is now common to see major retail and e-commerce operations running entirely in the cloud. Brands that fall short on intelligent digital distribution quickly see nimble competitors emerge.

Secured with an unbeatable protection to your business operations, Google’s global infrastructure provides ultimate scope to operate E-commerce operations that combines with advanced analytics in order to deliver true personalization.

Scale to Always-Mobile, Always-Connected Customers :-

Customers today engage on their own terms. Regardless of device, part of day, or bandwidth, users expect to browse rich imagery and video instantaneously with no holdup. Inadequate potential to rise inconsistent usage patterns leads to loss of revenue, customers, and the brands take a beating. Whether the business supporting thousands or tens of millions of customers, Google Cloud Platform scales up efficiently to meet seasonal demand, and scales back automatically when things quiet down.

Personalization with Google-grade Analytics :-

In order to build a long-term customer relationship, it is essential to understand and accurately determine the shoppers’ interest, purchasing pattern and history. The big data of cloud platform and machine learning technology which is used at Google in order to answer queries rapidly to maintain good relationship and serve them better.

Protect Private Information :-

Privacy and end-to-end security are significant issues vis à vis customer trust and their shopping experience. The certified Cloud Platform for compliance with Payment Card Industry or PCI, Data Security Standards (DSS) and a series of relevant compliance measures which are integrated with omnipresent security. Needless to mention, Google hosting and operating the most popular digital applications on the Internet, means it is familiar to security and privacy that ideally enables many brands for modern shoppers on the Cloud Platform.

Solutions Ready-to-Launch :-

With just few clicks, one could explore and manage solutions by using Cloud Launcher, which includes ready-to-launch E-Commerce solutions viz., Magento. With CRM software, speed up your content workflows and increase efficiency with develop tools by managing relationships with CRM solutions.

Meeting You Where You Are :-

Foundational infrastructure and fully managed services offered by Google’s Cloud Platform to accommodate nearly any E-Commerce workload on the Internet today, from compute, storage, to big data analytics. It is easy to mix –and-match with existing systems for creating a hybrid solutions as required with the help of Google’s cloud-native services.

Google Cloud Platform for ecommerce :-

  • Accelerates page load speeds by 25%
  • Increases uptime to well beyond 99%
  • Reduces client setup time by 80%
  • Reduces customer infrastructure resource demands by 25%




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