Google Florida 2 update: How to respond to Florida 2 update?

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Releasing a new update several times a year is not new with Google. You will see plenty of updates by Google and so this recent one is surely no surprise. The recent one was announced by Sullivan via the official SearchLiaison Twitter handle about the latest Broad Core Algorithm update started rolling out on March 12th, 2019.

What is the latest Google update?

“This week, we released a Broad Core Algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before,” read the tweet post on the official Google SearchLiaison handle.

google florida update

Google presently has a learning algorithm and now the changes in the SERP happen in real time without any human mediation. It is trusted that Google makes changes to the algorithm twice every day, which implies nearly 600 to 700, updates per year. However, these changes don’t have immense minor effects on sites and their ranking.

In any case, the Board Core Update aka Florida 2 is huge and it’s not rolled out as frequently as core updates. Last year, Google revealed two changes in March and another in August. Both these updates accompanied a monstrous effect on the SERP positioning of sites.

A Broad Core Algorithm Update aka Florida 2 carries alongside it real updates in the manner Google sees sites and this will incidentally cause overwhelming vacillations in the natural positioning of sites on Google to seek.

How to respond to Florida 2 update?

Whatever might be the changes the most vital arrangement is to run with EAT. E-A-T represents Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthy. Web search engines like crisp content. And publishing quality and state of art content is an extraordinary method to rank higher for the specific keyword.

Quality over everything! Remember E-A-T when you’re making content or building your site. With a decent measure of E-A-T, your site will command the SERP of you can focus on catchphrases.

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