Here’s How You Manage Shipping and Fulfillment in E-Commerce Store

ecommerce shipment & order fulfilment

Shipping and order fulfillment are the key factors of online marketing. E-commerce stores put a lot of effort into managing the best quality product for their customers; they must include all the factors that the product of customers reaches to them in a proper manner without any wear and tear.

There are numerous methods through which you can manage your shipping and achieve order fulfillment.

Set shipping rates and methods:-

You can offer free shipping to customers or can also give discounts to certain customers. Moreover, you can charge real-time carrier rates that will allow customers to pay for the service they want.

Calculating shipping costs:-

Shipping cost depends on various factors such as package size, package weight, origin country, and destination country. While deciding your shipping cost you must consider shipping margins with proper analysis otherwise you will end up losing money on shipping.

Packaging and marketing:-

Customers who buy things online are concerned about the packaging of the product. Packaging must be attractive and appropriate. The way you pack your product and the presentation plays an important role in order fulfillment.

Customers love products with good packaging and there are more chances that they will buy from the same brand that will increase your conversion rate.

Exchange/Return must include order fulfillment:-

If the customer wants to exchange the product or return the same then it must be a spontaneous process and will be part of order fulfillment. Your e-commerce platform is also a deciding factor for choosing the method of order fulfillment.

Customs declaration and forms:-

With the help of proper documentation custom officers at the time of import get to know what is in the package, how much it costs or if it is a gift or merchandise.

By introducing all these things in your business, you can easily manage your shipping and order fulfillment.

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