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Digital Marketing Manual for Entrepreneurs

A lot of work goes into establishing a new business.  You put your heart and soul into it for its success.  A marketing strategy is a key tool created by putting your five senses into it.  Go through the marketing manual for entrepreneurs carefully.

Digital Marketing

The term marketing refers to the set of techniques and studies that focus on improving the marketing of a product, good or service.  Marketing is conducted by using the concept of digital technologies; on the Internet, mobile devices, and another digital medium.

Nevertheless, conventionally speaking digital marketing has come of age in recent times. Go to see, it is the same idea but applied through the internet, online. Old wine in a new bottle!

Now you get a fair idea about digital marketing, we shall examine the different strategies and concept that are prevalent in today’s commerce. In the present day, it is not difficult to get to know your target audience. You can get their details by contacting them and supply them your product or services through defined marketing strategies that bring results.

Spend a moment and think about your brand…benchmark brand, iconic brand or developing brand strategies still in the fledgling stage?

Once define this, think what personality you want your brand to have! You can give your brand some specific characteristics by taking into account your target audience. Now it will be a breeze to reach your audience.

You must know fundamental information even before launching your digital marketing strategy.  Like the colors of your logo, the type of service you want to offer or for that matter even your price range, these are decisive information.

How do you address your young audience? It would in the fitness of things that you create a cheerful lighthearted brand and use a close language. You could even move to another profile, viz. families with children, where you can get close with him and endearing, this is with a provision that you adapt your communication to an adult profile, with another type of behavioral characteristics that appeals to all age group.

Define your goals

Knowing the characteristics of your audience is pre-requisite and very important as far as digital marketing is concerned because they are virtually present. Establish this by defining some objectives in order to guide you and analyze whether the strategy you are following fits in perfectly well.

Moreover, the objectives can also be tuned in to change as your brand evolves progressively. To start with; your objective could be of publicizing your brand, next in your priority could be branding and selling your product.  Attracting new customers, getting leads or even improving ROI (return on investment) could follow suit in that order.

The success depends upon how your audience accepts your strategies, your brand of products and business. Your objectives should be defined as; SMART;¬†meaning Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and on Time.¬†With this ‚Äėsmart‚Äô tool in mind, you can start with your strategy‚Ķcheers!

Your Strategy & Idea – Choose where you Should Be

The internet has been a boon for online commerce. There are many avenues available now, could be over a hundred channels and different mediums to reach your audience through the internet: social networks, content marketing, E-Mail marketing, ads in search engines or other websites, etc. You have to select from the many available to you in a platter. Here is one of the most important decisions before to start! Choose the best and the one that suits you. Combine your decision with target audience and objective. Based on it, devise your strategy.

Social networks

Having a product that is visually appealing and attractive is excellent. The image of this product will be one of your assets to sell. In order to devise a strategy in the most happening social networks, such as Instagram or Pinterest, would be the most appropriate for bringing results.

Even before you choose any of the above, you must ascertain and check the user profile in each of them. Instagram is the social network that has grown the most in the last year and could be ideal if you focus on users under 30. In the case of Pinterest, it is a social network preferred by wiser women who exceed this age. Both can be relevant to your products.

SEO positioning

The next and a key element in an online marketing strategy is SEO.  It is nothing but a set of actions designed to make your website appear in the first pages of Google rankings. This can cost, but following the right steps, it is possible to achieve the desired results.

You have help at hand from Google; take advantage of it.  Google is developing more and more local SEO.  Therefore competing at this level makes things easier for you.  Moreover, having a well-positioned web is like having an open showcase, with your offerings, for the public that is looking at all the time.

You must go ahead and create a content marketing strategy. Define the keywords for which you wish to position yourself, against your competitors, based on the searches. For this, there are useful tools, such as the Google Adwords word planner or Google Trends, which reports on search trends. These will be a great help in creating a marketing strategy.

Another strategy is link building which is also very useful in modern commerce. Make the link to your website appear on websites or blogs that have a lot of authority, as Google would appropriately position you in a better rank. You can also do it by paying for sponsored articles. This is another important strategy that has picked up.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is a tool that can be of great assistance in getting you more business only if you have a strong database.  It is a direct channel with your client, as the client must have accepted your emails in the past; you can, therefore, take advantage to devise a strategy to send emails about your product launch, offers, bonanzas, etc.  Besides, sending E-Mails is not invasive. Go ahead try out this strategy.

Ads: online advertising

Another good way to spread the wings of your business is online advertising. One of its main advantages compared to traditional advertising methods is that it allows you to segment so that your ads only appear to your target audience. This is one of the main benefits.

Another important benefit that we wish to mention here is that you can increase your diffusion if you lack in a reasonably good organic positioning. Last but certainly not the least, advertising offers you valuable information to continue developing your digital strategy with liberty.

What we meant by the above, is that you can measure the reach of your ads, you could evaluate as to how the user has interacted with them, if there have been subscriptions or even if the users have consumed your product. Now you will understand that the information has power!

Measuring Results of Your Strategies

This is considered to be one of the most important parts of the digital marketing strategies, which has to be often conducted on a cat’s paw. It is about the measurement of the results; thanks to the Big Data technology offers us an enormous amount of information of the most valuable insight.

In order to start the measurement of the results of your strategies, you must first establish KPIs. These are some indicators that evaluate and estimate if each objective is being met correctly. It can be a percentage of growth, a number of clicks on a certain ad or publication, number of visits, so on and so forth.

Social networks, each of them, for example, offers its own information on analytics and results, even though there are also tools where you can find all the information you need to see if you are achieving the proposed goal.

Since you will be directly investing money, you should know if you are making a profit as this is important in case you go for online advertising. This is called ROI (return on investment).

Active listening: what is being talked about you, your competition and your sector?

Again last, but not least, as far as possible, always stay receptive to what people talk about you and your business. While it is very simple, since users have a very easy opinion on your business directly through social networks, where they share their experiences through opinions, photos, etc. it is also equally important to know what is being discussed about your sector and what the trends are.

To do this, you can use the monitoring of hashtags or keywords, so that you will have, at a glance, the information about the news of your field. This is a brilliant idea!

Keep your eyes and ears open, pay attention to your competitions. This is something that you cannot afford to neglect at any time. Constantly monitor your publications and actions, the strategies they implement.  This exercise is regular.

This can help you a lot both to devise strategies to differentiate yourself from the competition and to take ideas that you could adapt to your business model and objectives for taking it to the next level.

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