How Google Analytics 4 Will Impact Your eCommerce Website

How Google Analytics 4 Will Impact Your eCommerce Website

Google has recently announced the launching of its latest version of Google Analytics 4. As per their announcement, Universal Analytics (UA) will stop working and acquiring new data from the 1st of July 2023. Until then all businesses and e-commerce are allowed to use universal analytics. But after the announcement of this latest google analytics 4, everyone is quite worried and concerned about how the latest google analytics 4 will impact their business websites?

So, let’s try to understand in this blog how Google Analytics 4 Will Impact your eCommerce Website?

Impact of Google Analytics 4 on your e-commerce website
Improved User interface and overview of customers’ journey

This latest version of UA (Universal Analytics) has come to light after a very long time, so it is obvious that it will come with a new improved user interface and analytical overview of your customer’s uses and data. It will show all your analytics altogether in a new and improved way. After using it for some time, you will also like the new overview of this interface and presentation. Therefore, it will help you to increase your business quickly.

Less dependent on cookies

The biggest change which has been made in this latest Google analytics 4 is that Universal Analytics was dependent on the cookies of your customers to acquire and analyze all your customer’s data. Many customers do not accept cookies due to concerns about their security. Hence universal analytics was not showing all the right customer-related services. But in the GA4 this problem has also been set up. Now, without depending on cookies you can still analyze all the right information and data of your customers.

AI predictive insights

This GA4 is highly customized and compiled with AI-based memory which makes it a very useful data and information provider platform. There are several AI-based options available in this GA4, which enables you to know all the possibilities and predictive insights.

Get audiences without cookies

As this GA4 does not use cookies to get information and data about your customers. It uses an event-based data model for acquiring all the data. Hence you get able to connect all those customers who have visited any single time to your customers even if they are using different kinds of devices each time to visit your website and can track them without enforcing cookies on them.

Apart from these vital changes, there are several new changes that have been done by google in their GA4, some of them are not actually very beneficial for us and some of them are just the damn important analytics.

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