How Much Do Google Reviews Impact Your SEO Ranking

How much do google reviews impact your SEO ranking

Nowadays, because of the digitalization of business, the reputation of businesses can also be checked online by seeing various online reviews on Google given by clients or customers. Google reviews have the same impact on business as traditionally, people’s opinions about a company affect its reputation. 

Let’s understand Why do google reviews affect your SEO ranking

Google trusts people’s opinions, and the quantity and quality of reviews take as a factor to evaluate the search position of any business and helps the audience to make a purchase decision by seeing google reviews.

Google can also do it because users and search engines have a similar objective. As customers, we want to see reliable, correct information about any product and service as fast as possible, and also, Google wants to give the correct information. For this, it uploads reviews of old clients or customers who worked as crowd-sourced suggestions.

Let’s understand How Much it affects SEO rankings

According to a study, google reviews are the fifth most significant factor that affects your Business Reputation and SEO ranking, and its impact increases day by day because of increasing online customers and also increase in Google reviews. 

Positive reviews help build the trust of customers and help to improve business ranking, and negative reviews can negatively affect its ranking. Not only one or two reviews can affect your ranking search engine verifies the genuineness and variety of reviews before taking any action.

User-generated content also helps in improving your ranking. You can upload various pictures related to content and also ask various questions from the audience. It can help in increasing your reach.

Fresh and quality content can also help in increasing your reach and improving your SEO ranking; however, it’s not easy to make fresh content always, but if you get success in doing it, you should be liked by the users.


So it is almost transparent that google reviews affect your SEO ranking and client’s reviews are the primary factor that affects your business reputation; those things do not matter which company says about itself, and nowadays, customer’s trust and brand reputation entirely depend on the positive google reviews you had.

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