How Much Does WordPress Maintenance Cost?

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Word Press helps a platform to simply create, implement, and use business and personal websites. But, if you will not do proper care of your Word Press, your site setup will not function smoothly and the performance of your website will decline over time. And this will result in really bad, you will lose all your clients and your site might even be subject to cyber security risks.

You will get to keep your website in working order if you will maintain your website regularly. Your website will be kept running, healthy, and secure after properly maintaining your Word Press. If you want to keep your website successful and attract many customers, you will have to keep it up to date at any cost. Therefore, a website maintenance cost should not be ignored or underestimated.

So, let us look at the average Word Press website maintenance cost.

SMALL PERSONAL WEBSITE: If you have a small personal website of modest size, there is no need to worry about an emphasis on strong security and plug-in. It will cost around $5 to $30 for the maintenance of this website.

MEDIUM BLOG SITE: The size of the site is not only based on the server space it uses, however, it also considers the number of monthly visitors. Your website will be considered a medium blog site, if it has hundred to a thousand monthly visitors and the maintenance of this site will be from $20 to $65 per month.

HIGH TRAFFIC BLOG SITE: If your monthly traffic goes beyond a thousand, then it is not possible for a single person to keep it up and to grow. So, the monthly cost for this type of website will be high, ranging from $70 to $350 as this site will need more innovative marketing tools and content plans.

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