How Responsive Web Design is Helpful in 2019 ?

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Save Time & Cost Mobile Development :-

The traditional approach has been to spend time in creating additional stand-alone mobile site; but this is done away with, which is obviously the primary feature of responsive design.  Maintenance overheads, development and support are increased when testing across a number of websites.  Styles are optimized by device standardized testing methodologies and can also be re-used.

Save Time & Cost Site Management :-

With comparatively less content to manage, clients would find it much easier in terms of consumption of time to manage and maintain a single site.  Besides, a single administrative interface is easier to optimize by using workflow tools to manage the correct content and layout, or site templates that are being used for different devices.  While applying business logic within a single administration such as Blaze CMS, the overall multi-device experience can be augmented significantly.

Enhance user’s offline browsing experience :-

Site owners are allowed to deliver quality content to audiences across devices with responsive designs. What more, the offline browsing capabilities of HTML5 need to be applauded as sites can be accessed ‘on the go’! This becomes significant due to increasing number of HTML5 enabled tablets and smart phones.  This effectively means that in the absence of an internet connection, emails, newsletters and content contained in hybrid HTML5 web applications will be consumed on the move.

The up-and-coming trend for media rich mobile internet and apps with reference to Responsive Web Design makes it possible to stay ahead of time in this digital era. All the same several other factors that are responsible for its success must be addressed and trouble shootings resolved; like cost involving development and maintenance, ensure search engine visibility so on and so forth according to the situation. Above all a unified approach to design will be favorable to all stakeholders. With the advent of and usage of hi-end Smartphone devices and Tablet, besides the ever increase in sale, the responsive design is the answer to the trending competition and establishing a niche market.

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