How To Get More Traffic From Google By Using Keyword Research

Using the appropriate keywords is important to boost the traffic of your website. Conducting thorough keyword research is crucial for these attempts.

Get More Traffic From Google By Using Keyword Research

When conducting online searches for the goods and services they require, prospective customers use keywords as search terms. You’ll get more significant visitors if you write content for your website that uses these keywords.

This post will outline the keyword research process and how it can help your website.

The three steps to keyword research

Follow a few easy steps to do keyword research for maximizing website traffic.

Step 1: Compile a list of keyphrases related to your brand.

Start by coming up with a list of subjects associated with your business, brand, and offerings.

These subjects can serve as your “seed” keywords, which are general expressions with one to two words.

Your seed keywords, for instance, could be anything as easy as “laundry,” “laundromat,” “laundry company,” or “laundry baskets” if you provide a laundry service.

Then, enlarge these terms into more detailed, lengthy keywords or subtopics. For instance, “best laundry cleaning suggestions” or “the local area’s greatest laundry service.”

If you’re having trouble with search terms, think about employing Seed Keywords.

It compiles the seed keywords employed by competing brands.

  1. Add more keywords to your list.

Once you’ve gathered a sufficient number of seed keywords, you can expand your list. Tools for keyword research like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner are used by experts in keyword planning.

These tools offer you fresh keyword suggestions for industry-related topics based on your existing keyword ideas. They also suggest topics for articles and point out keywords used by rivals.

Search engines can be used to complete this stage manually as well. For instance, Google’s search results page includes topic and keyword suggestions relating to your search keywords.

  1. Examine your keywords.

 You ought to have a sizable list of prospective keywords by this time. For the best outcomes, you must still sort them using keyword metrics.

Use the following standards to evaluate the performance of your keywords:

Relevancy: Relevance, or how applicable a keyword is to your company or sector.

The number of searches on a keyword each month is known as monthly search volume.

Keyword difficulty: The likelihood that a web page will rank higher for a given keyword, measured by keyword difficulty. The ranking gets harder as the score rises.

Cost Per Click (CPC): The sum that an advertise pays a publisher for each click is known as Cost Per Click (CPC).


Conducting keyword research regularly is vital because consumer wants and tastes are constantly changing.

Introducing a new product or developing fresh content is the ideal time to accomplish this. The use of keywords refocuses visitors’ attention on what’s new.

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