How To Perfect Your Mobile App User Acquisition Strategy

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With over more than 3.48 million (2021 data) apps on the play store and apple store both, the mobile application is still growing at a rapid speed. Having so many apps means that there is a constant increase in competition among various app developers. With the growth of apps, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grab the attention of users.

We can confess that it is more essential and difficult to bring new users to your app than to create an app. It is also very hard to keep them tied to the app.

Now, the question is how one can develop an adequate mobile app user acquisition strategy to attract new users to use your apps.

Here is the most relevant and applicable strategy to increase your mobile all-user acquisition effortlessly


To bring new users and customers to your app, the first thing you must do is market. Marketing is the most critical part of any business or service. The very basic meaning of marketing is to let the users know that you exist in the world and capture the user’s attention.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are actually a part of marketing but the term marketing is exceedingly vast. So, it is sensible to talk about paid ads differently. Paid ads have the potential that they can bring new users quickly within a day or week. All you need to do is run a very attractive and engaging paid ad on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Freemium model (Demo)

You can give a free demo of your application to the customers. so, that they visit your app and once they like your app, now it is forever Income for you. As you give a free demo to your app, it is also known as a freemium. When users listen to the word freemium, they think that something is quite premium which they are getting absolutely free.

Focus on the SEO of the app store

Another organic strategy for bringing new customers and increasing mobile app acquisition is to focus on the search result optimization of the app store where you have published your app whether it is a play store or an apple store. By understanding their algorithms and AI, you can rank your app higher on their app store.


Ask for a positive review from your existing customers to bring new users to your app. Most of the new users do not install apps that have less than 3 ratings and reviews on their apps. So, try to bring an extraordinarily positive reviewable relating. So that is new. users can rely on your app and can install them without any trouble.

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