How To Setup Product Enquiry Forms On WooCommerce

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Woo-commerce product inquiry form helps to improve the conversion rate as it adds a basic inquiry form on the product description page of your website. It is your job to satisfy all the needs and curiosity of your customers and it will convert their inquiries to successful leads.

So, here we will be looking at how to add an inquiry form to your WooCommerce store to collect inquiries seamlessly.

  • First, you have to purchase and download the plug-in from your Code Canyon account and log in to your Word Press dashboard.
  • Now, click on the Plug-ins appearing on the sidebar and then click on Add New for uploading the purchased plug-in.
  • Thereafter, you have to click on the browse button. Now, choose your downloaded plug-ins’ .zip file and tap on install.
  • You now have to click on the activate link.
  • Your product inquiry for
  • is all set to use now.

General setting:

Now, after the activation of the product inquiry, you need to enable the inquiry button from the general setting to use this plug-in. This setting will add a button that will take the users directly to the product inquiry form. Your users and registered customers can use this form.

Inquiry button setting:

This setting will allow you to customize your inquiry button and decide its location in your store. It contains an inquiry button label, display page, button location, button background color, and button text color setting. You have to complete all the settings to go to the next step.

E-mail setting:

It will allow you to send customized e-mail notifications on your product inquiry form submission. Here, you can edit the e-mail message, subject line, and recipient’s e-mail address.

Inquiry list:

This list will help you to address and resolve the queries faster as it displays the list of inquiries that your customers submit. It contains ID, name, e-mail, number, address, pin, state, inquiry, product, and delete columns.

Terms and policy:

You can let your users know your privacy and data protection policies before form submission.

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