Doing SEO for contact us page of ecommerce website in right way

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So you are all done with designing your web store and development part. Even the content is ready to be posted on the new design and developed e-commerce website. The landing page, product page, about us page and all other pages are ready and shining. Wait do we forget the contact us page? Nah! That doesn’t even count to be considered for content. What does an average contact us page have? A heading of the page, a tagline, a contact us form and company’s contact information, integrated Google map and a call to action line. That’s it!

You have seen this particular view in almost every “contact us” page of a company. Many of the website designing and development company might not even consider investing those much designing efforts on this page. Sadly, this scenario is present in every other website you visit.

If you are investing so many efforts in other pages of the website, then why the “contact us” page is ignored? According to a survey, a single contact us page carries nearly 70% more importance of the entire website.

This page gives an authenticity to your customer that you are easily accessible for any queries and doubts. Though there are latest technologies like chat box or service bots that are integrated into the website, contact us page has its own advantages.

Chat boxes are there for instant query resolution of the visitor on your site. Now a day’s, you will see them on every website you visit. Some provide live support and some claim to give live support (always offline)! Some chatbots are named with real support agent and some are named with random human names! Still, the purpose remains the same. To give instant answers to visitor queries!

The same purpose cannot be achieved with contact us page, still, its importance cannot be ignored. Let’s dive deeper to more.

Contact us page is the most under the optimized page of the entire website. Yes, that’s absolutely true! Most of the SEO efforts are focused on bringing services/ product pages on top of the search engine. A certain sprinkle of SEO spice on contact us page can help you reach the customer and deliver better service experience.

A famous quote from Rand Fishkin goes like “The best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy”. That is absolutely true! Trust is the most important aspect of online business. It is indeed, more important than money. Your website is the sole medium that represents your business in the virtual world and to your customers who are buying online from your website.

Hence, being approachable and easy to talk builds trust with your visitors and add value to your brand. So if you are planning to build a website or thinking to revamp, consider giving contact us page an equal priority.

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