Importance of ERP:-

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)  software is an enterprise application that integrates all the individual department functions(internal and external) of an organization into a single software application.  The advantages of ERP is endless.


Improves business performance:-

ERP improves the firm’s performance by using a control system that synchronizes planning of all processes through organizations.

Allows Open Communication for the business activities:-

ERP systems is responsible in producing and delivering the products and services quickly as it allows open communication among suppliers, vendors and customers.

Easy Transactions:-

ERP helps manufacturers and traders from both the small scale business to large scale business to have smooth transactions.

Reduced operational costs:-

ERP software system as a whole is a cost saving process which reduces the operational costs incurred during manual tracking and duplicating the data.

Increased speed & efficiency:-

ERP facilitates the successful integration of all parts of an organization which in turn increases the efficiency of the firm’s operations.

Decision making:-

ERP is responsible for calling the shots in the enterprise’s development planning , unifies all the systems in the organisation facilitating better control.

Real-time Business Intelligence:-

ERP software systems integrates a lot many medium-sized companies and helps them to move fast, innovate and stay ahead of competition by integrating new technologies from time to time.


ERP systems play a key role in well planned execution of proper cost allocation in the departments by recognising the profit earning products and regulates improved workflow (transparentcy among the systems) at every level in the organisation.


ERP software uses permissions locked down at every level of the process, thus the data is reliable and highly secure.

Happier customers:-

Customer satisfaction can really be a herculean task if the customer and inventory data are two different bodies. ERP software system allows to better communicate with the customers and clients at all stages of the process.

Regulatory Compliance:-

After the successful execution of ERP project, one can gain and maintain compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act.


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