Improving the Effective Use of Your E-Commerce Site to Attract More Clients

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In order to get optimal benefit out of your E-Commerce site or online store to generate income is to make a seamless purchase process of your products for people.  This is the only objective and purpose of an online store where customers get a great experience of visiting your site. But you require a great design to achieve this and not a below-par designed website that will mar the process. Time and again improving the usability of your E-Commerce site can be skillfully done with a few easy changes.

Log-in Simplified

A couple of things get finished by categorizing users with E-Mail addresses. Firstly, it makes it easy for the customer to remember the username they established. On the flip side, few crucial matters in modern life are more frustrating and annoying than trying to log into a site and besieged with the task to remember the username. This prompts users to give you an address you can add to your mailing list.

Secondly, you will know which people will be interested in getting your newsletters each week otherwise they will not sign up in the first place.

Provide Natural Navigation

It makes sense to have natural navigation than just menus. Probably there is this human propensity as the mind tends to directly go to your menu structure. Your products should be properly titled and sorted into logical and rational categories that are easy to understand. Ideally, provide users an easy way to return to the homepage, where ever they are on the site.

Contact information, customer help, call to action buttons and search functions should also be sensibly placed for easy access.

Simplifying Ordering Process

To aid in your marketing initiative, it would indeed be good to have as much information as possible of your buyer. But you are in an advantageous position in making the sale and asking for that information later, rather than creating a barrier before they even complete the purchase which would have mitigated the very spirit of shopping.

The basic information you would need from the users is their login name and password, a delivery address, preferred delivery option, and the payment details.

Give your buyers an option or a means to verify that information even before placing the order Additionally, you can provide onscreen confirmation afterward and you are all set; bingo!

What more? Sending a confirmation E-Mail having details of their order like order number, tracking number from the shipping company and expected date of delivery will further ease the customers’ mind and do a world of good.

So things are made easy; now look for ways to streamline the submission of information. Rather than seeking for the names of months, use numbers (1 = January 12 = December).  Any area data entry can be further simplified logically. You want people to provide the information you need quickly and with ease.

If the exercise is carried out well, you will be rewarded with repeat customers and leads.

Answer Before Questions Are Asked

When a purchaser chooses a shipping option, tell him how long to expect it to appear on the screen. If you are seeking personal information say; date of birth, tell them the reason – updating customer profile data. Your product pages should also offer all relevant information as briefly as possible, in a nutshell.

However, be careful, you may want to provide enough information to satisfy customer curiosity and ease concerns, but not so much that you embroil the shopper in with excessive details, which could backfire.

Make Required Fields Stand Out

If you have some information that you may wish to have and the other data you may need to have, make these optional. Highlight the have to have so customers know they can skip the others if they would like. An asterisk and an explanatory notation are all that is required to be added. This will definitely improve the usability of your E-Commerce site.

Optimizing these five elements will be advantageous toward improving the usability of your E-Commerce site. Bear in mind, your web presence has only one motive—closing sales. Anything you do to make it better will only improve your base better.

If you like our tips on improving the usability of your E-Commerce site, we would appreciate your comment in our comments below. Do not hesitate to share any tips that facilitate success with online stores. You may find more tips here.

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