Increase in Mobile Users & Modified SEO Tactics

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There is a steady rise in the searching pattern by Indians who click on advertisements in Google search results.  Similarly, the visitors that click for nothing are also on the rise. However, the visitors that click natural search listings are not appealing either.

Desktop Searches

Approximately, even two years back a third of searchers on desktop computers used to click on nothing specific.  Apparently, those searches got answers for their questions by one of Google’s Answer Boxes, in position zero; alternately by reading another description on the page.

E-Commerce search results nevertheless are few and far between in Answer Boxes-

In search results, purchase-intent keywords do not produce a single correct answer. On an organic listing, transactional searches or E-Commerce searches with purchase intent and navigational searches or looking for a site for a specific brand, would be much more likely to result in a click.

Mobile Searches

In smart-phones, the difference is obvious as the very first screen of most search results is taken away by ads, pop-out videos, Answer Boxes and listing types which are different from natural search.

The point here is the top mobile results for the informational search produced an explanatory video followed by an ad; whereas the top results for the E-Commerce search produced only ads

It is quite apparent why many mobile users do not click on anything even while considering the fact that more than half of all Google searches are now on mobile devices. It has been found that most of the behavioral pattern of the population is like this.

All New SEO Diplomacies

How is SEO tactics relevant to search engine optimization?  In a lighter jest are SEO dead…long live SEO!  As long as people search on any device or platform there will always be relevance or value in optimizing content and technology to target such searches.  On a restrained note, it means that the SEO developers and practitioners need to display their brilliance in their skill.

Win The Answer Box

By practice searchers first see this in their results and perhaps it may be the only thing they look at if they receive the answer they are looking for.  By the way, Google’s Answer Box is also the spoken text in a voice search result on smart speakers.

Rank in Positions 1 through 3

Go to see scrolling is no fun.  Once the answer is found, consumers abandon scrolling and searching.

Local Search is Critical for Brick-and-Click Stores

If you come across a three pack map in search results, it will invariably be at the top. There might be an ad or a natural listing above it which is prominently displayed near the top.  Moreover, local search listings strip a company’s natural search traffic flow. Even after such salvaging, if you have physical stores, ensure they are search optimized to win those impressions and earn on the in-store visit.  Do not worry even if you lose a click; that can be earned later.

Use Informational Content

It is a daunting task to get E-Commerce sites to create content.  But searches generally are informational on mobile devices. Mostly mobile search-result clicks reach an ad or the result in no click…it goes futile. E-Commerce companies will likely to meet searchers and earn their clicks due to the intersection of mobile and information.

Drive Authority

Monotony sets in on searchers due to the same content but could boost your authority via new links and mentions.  Forced and compelling content is shared which may sometimes get converted to links from people who find it significant and valuable information which find an appropriate place in their blogs, media posts or even other sites. As a matter of fact, authority is critical to winning the coveted and necessary first organic listings which were on top of the page in the past and now in the middle.

Collaborate With Paid Media

Try to own as much of the search results pages as possible. Try and win with paid search and Google Shopping if you miss out in the competition in natural search for important search themes.  Incidentally, a couple of winning streaks natural and paid rankings will be much better. Moreover, managing the two disciplines collaboratively will benefit your business and will do a world of good.

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