Influence of Mobile Technology on People

Communication has never been so easy with the arrival of gadgets like Smart phones and tablets. Life has become even easier with the mobile applications designed to meet every custom need and are tremendously successful in catering spectacular services to the users worldwide. Mobile technology has lots of positive effect on human’s lives but it has got some negative impact as well. Anything when reaches a certain point starts being harmful and mobile technology is not left behind. It is all about how effectively one uses the technology.

Upside of Mobile Technology:-

  • Mobiles are the best way one can communicate when remotely located and has certainly improved user’s lives in many ways in making them in getting closer via texting, social networking , voice, video calling, GPS etc.
  • Mobile gadgets nevertheless have gotten compact, lightweight, portable, and more powerful and provide entertainment at doorstep like never before.

Impact of Mobile Technology on Business Operations:-

  • Business today took the advantage of the growing mobile technology boom for the better communication with the customers by making their websites more responsive.
  • Customers can send in the queries/feedback regarding the products/services easily with the help of smart phones at one go with quick responses from the business spokespersons.
  • Improved productivity, sales and profits.
  • Enhanced communication with Colleagues.
  • Mobile technology took the business world by storm facilitating great interactive features like teleconferences, online meetings, video calls and so on.
  • With Cloud computing, files can be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Better Marketing Strategies
  • Retail online stores and online shopping- convenient, huge discounts and profits.

Downside of Mobile technology:-

  • Distraction/affect one’s ability to focus on a given task.
  • Notifications can cause serious accidents and even take lives.
  • Disconnection from the real world.


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