LinkedIn ads- are they worth the investment

LinkedIn ads- are they worth the investment

In today’s online advertising space Facebook, Google, and Amazon are crowding. But what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn has expanded its user base and engagement and increased attention to ads. so, do you think paying for ads gives you worth? Today’s marketers have to take tough decisions. They have to carefully and attentively consider every audience, every ad, and every landing page to maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS).

LinkedIn gives a unique advantage in the profile of its typical audience like business professionals. To generate more leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness for your company advertising your business on LinkedIn is a great place to start. 

You’ve also searched most questions on google  “how much do LinkedIn ads cost” or “how much should I spend on LinkedIn” and have seen huge headlines like Why do LinkedIn ads come with a premium CPC or How not to waste money on LinkedIn ads or even Why LinkedIn ads will break your bank. 

Before getting answers to that big questions, though, you need to ask yourself exactly what you’re looking to get out of advertising on LinkedIn.

Are LinkedIn Ads Worth the investment?

According to me, LinkedIn ads have resulted in costs per click (CPC) that are around 6x as high as similar ads on Google and Facebook.  Let us take a look at its importance 

Marketing strategy for LinkedIn ads

We use  disruptive marketing for LinkedIn ads, and far from Google, where you can spend your 

advertising dollars on user aim (when a user types a keyword and is served your ad), you are placing yourself into a LinkedIn member’s newsfeed without them asking for it.

Expensive cost 

LinkedIn has a higher cost-per-click, and some companies that have smaller deal sizes or smaller margins will have trouble seeing a positive return on investment.

Linkedin Insight Tag

you can set up the Linkedin Insight Tag on your website, it is the most important technique. Like Facebook Pixel LinkedIn also track those who visit your website. It gives you demographic data about your website visitors. This will be going to help you to create better offers. You can upload your email list to Linkedin to run ads to your actual list and create a look-a-like audience to find those that are just like your current list.

So, now you got the idea of how LinkedIn works and what benefits it offers. Every business has its unique sales approach, so research the platform well before making your final decision. 

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