M-commerce & It’s Growing Trends

What is M-commerce?

M-commerce/Mobile commerce is actually a wireless e-commerce, which lets the users to buy or sell goods by using a mobile device (apps in smart phone). mcommerce is the next big thing for shopping surpassing the E-commerce.

Mcommerce Plus ons:-
Targets customers globally
Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility(SEO)
Create huge market for selling products
Increases the Brand image of your products
Profit fetching service
Easy shopping experience for customers to make purchases using ‘shopping carts’
Easy payment options
Opportunity to interact with customers
Single-Click orders

M-commerce is here to stay and is on verge of becoming a go-to habit for shoppers with inbuilt characteristics such as personalization, flexibility and sharing. The extent of which mcommerce is growing is rather striking.

Growing Trends of Mcommerce:-

Adding that personal touch to the apps with relevant content is very much essential as it draws more consumers and helps them to crack the best possible deal in purchasing the products they want.

Quick Delivery:-
Quick delivery of the products is a win-win situation for the retailers and m-commerce makes it possible with efficient delivery of the product to the recipients.
Purchases at one-go:
With new mobile payment options available, customers can have smooth transactions.

Micro Moments:-
Micro moments is the trend through which businesses can attract the customers to a mobile commerce portal.

Optimization of websites:-
By using hybrid strategies i.e., integrating the online and the offline modes of operation improves the shopping experience of the user on the mobile and in the web as well.
Highly Secure:
The mcommerce emphasizes on better security by inculcating online payment options that allow the customer to checkout directly.

Chat bots feature:-
The chat feature in the m-commerce apps lets the users to chat and shop with the sellers and provides better and easier shopping.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality:-
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the buzzwords of the internet world these days allowing the m-store to commit to better product display, fluid browsing, expressive reception and impact presentation for users.

Voice over Text:-
Voice over text feature enables the customers to search for the product they are looking for by just speaking up the term and ensures a better response to them.

Digitization of payments- Mobile Wallet:-
Mobile Wallet mode of payment changed the electronic trade scenario and its going to be among the most prevalent trends in the domain of m-commerce.

Storefront-specific applications:-
The storefront app is the game changing app, which allows the purchasing process easier for the customers.

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