The success of your business endeavors is measured by using search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the best thing you can do to your website. SEO is responsible for converting the visitors of your website to the paying customers. ROI is the important metric which measures the efficiency of your investments.

Estimation of SEO ROI

Revenue number is used to calculate ROI from the SEO results of the ecommerce website. Revenue number is nothing but the % increase in traffic or revenue. It’s important to convert the visitors into short/long term customers. So the conversion rate comes to the picture. A conversion is generally an email registration for webinar session, sign-up, email opt-in, page views or a long visit duration- which are the deciding factors for the efforts you have put in.

The formula for calculating return on investment for SEO is,

SEO ROI = (SEO Revenue-SEO cost)/SEO cost

Keywords segmentation:-

Users generally search for your brand on search engines instead of typing directly in the URL. It is important to segment branded and non-branded keywords and then analyze the growth of traffic for non-branded keywords.

Conversion Rate or % of Traffic:-

Estimating the customer conversion rate is in the hands of the SEO marketer and the sales team. This is a very important step in getting the exact count of the leads that are confirmed as customer to your product/service.

Identification of branded keywords is an essential step to calculate the conversion probability. One should always ensure to use quality keywords which generate quality traffic.

For instance, keyword ‘A’ may bring in more leads that convert at 30%, whereas for keyword ‘B’ the conversion rate is 15%. So spending more time and money in getting traffic for the keyword ‘A’ fetches you returns than ‘B’.

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