Microsite: Strategy of the digital marketing

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Microsite: Strategy of the digital marketing

Why do we require microsite?

You have established business and already a business website with products and services listed. Nevertheless, now you want to launch a new product and brand which you want to promote and market especially.

Therefore, the best advisable solution is “Microsite”.

Now the question raises in your mind is, what is this microsite?

A microsite is nothing but an individual web page or a small cluster of pages which functions discretely within an existing website with minimal functionalities and purposes that is to be used for the specific purpose like promoting new brand or products.  Microsites give flexibility and are generally specific domains which are used for a single subject or individual campaign.

The microsite is generally based on a specific topic of the brand or its products which can range from single web page to multiple pages. It creates an experience around that specific topic and often includes multiple products or services. Microsites are best to be used to facilitate brand awareness and engagement while they act as part of a larger campaign.

A microsite has multiple benefits. It helps in generating leads; promote brand, products or events. It can be used for launch of new products or services, specific offers, release any case studies or study results,  details of any events time-schedule, new communities etc. Microsites, if successful can grow offerings leading to customer’s engagement at lower expense and driving return on investment as microsites focus solely on conversions. Microsites provide very fewer and limited options which keep the customers focused on a specific topic, and they provide detailed information on that specific topic.

Subdomain:  and domain link: are examples of subdomain and domain links ofmicrosite respectively.Microsites have SEO advantage as their domains names are with keyword rich title. A microsite is designed and developed in the short span of time, which saves time as well as cost-efficient.

Microsites are good options as they are cost efficient add advantage when considering for SEO boosting, better way for campaigning any product, brand, events etc.

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