Microsites and its benefits

What is a microsite?

A Microsite is a smaller, simpler website that is primarily focused on a specific goal, product, event or campaign. Microsites operate as independent websites and are distinctly connected to the parent site.

Domain Configuration of a Microsite:-

A microsite typically lives on its own domain, but may also exist as a subdomain. In other words, the Microsite’s main landing page can have its own domain name or subdomain.Here’s a structural example of the domain configurations:

Primary domain:

Microsite domain examples: Possible,

Benefits of Having a Microsite


A Microsite is an individual separate page of a web site.  It can also be a cluster of pages having its own URL with a unique address than its home page which lets people to easily remember, find your product and service faster and easier.  It functions as a discrete entity within an existing website having advantage in search engine optimization.

A Focused Path:-

Microsite provides a more focused and clearer presentation of your brand of product and so potential customers can have a clearer and faster shopping experience without any sort of distraction.

Niche Brand Image:-

A Microsite is an effective branding tool to give your new product or service its very own website.

Email Campaign:-

The Microsite can getbasket loads of online users and potential customers in thousands to look and search for your featured product or service.

Less Overcrowded Homepages:-

Because of microsites, your homepage is safe from overcrowding and online congestion.

Cost Efficient:-

Microsites contain only a few web pages of useful information, making it a very inexpensive way to have the marketing impact.


A Microsite can be built quickly and with less internal friction between the marketing and IT departments.


A Microsite can serve as the hub of your marketing campaign where you can control the information as well as the data.

Firewall to Protect Your Company

A Microsite can create a sense of community. While creating a community among loyal followers is a good thing, opening up your organization to honest public feedback can have its uncomfortable side. As a matter of fact Microsite builds a nice firewall between the community and corporate.

Increased ROI:-

As it can be a focus and testable communication vehicle that can generate leads, engagements, trial, demos, sales, and referrals, can help organizations achieve their stated, measurable marketing and sales objectives.

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