Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in mobile app development

mobile app mvp

Mobile apps have changed the way businesses function worldwide. With rapid innovation in mobile devices across platforms mobile app market is expanding by leaps and bounds.

With a boom in startup market, a simple yet effective methodology to adopt for mobile app development is a minimum viable product (MVP). Now when it comes to software, applying this strategy becomes a bit confusing with prototype phase. In this blog, you will get to know the difference between Prototype vs. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in mobile app development and Mobile Application MVP.

Let us first take a look at the difference between Prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in mobile app development.

Prototype vs. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Making an informed decision at every phase of app development ends up with a list of everything in order to make an app.

Depending upon the business, a prototype is not meant to be perfect. However, it should be capable of pointing out any errors in design or development at an early stage. Prototyping involves creating a clickable version of an app and helps you create intuitive navigation schemes. However, the end product is not market ready.

The other side of coin-Minimum viable product (MVP), have misconceptions about it in the technological universe. An MVP is a kind of experiment. It allows you to collect maximum validated learning about your end customers, with least effort. Once it is released into the market, you will have user feedback about the app. This stage of product development is all about testing the app on the market. Once it is fully understood by the users you can further add functionalities your actual product.

Mobile Application MVP

Before you undertake any journey it is important to choose the path. During the initial stage of creating MVP, you need to define the limit about how far you want to go.

The first thing to do is to discuss a list of critical features that you want to see in your final product. Next step is to prepare the wireframes that define your mobile MVP.  After successful app design & development, the app should be tested on different mobile devices and models as your product has to be run smoothly on many different mobile devices. Gradually, an MVP app improves your chance to succeed. Also, it must keep in mind that the purpose of MVP is just to test the water.

Final Words

Get users feedbacks, analyze them, work on shortfalls and come back again with a better app. And that’s how startups and businesses can reap the benefits of MVP with basic facilities required to run the app.





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