Misconception about Having a Website for Business

Professional Website for Business:

There could be many reasons for possessing a website that is professionally designed, but the following are essential for business to flourish.  A misconception is in the air Small and medium business houses are apprehensive about having a website and equally doubtful how it would benefit their kind of business.  It is another matter that website is not within their budget.  This misconception of not having a website must be cleared first. It is decisive to have one irrespective of the size of business.

  1. Small business to gain credibility Internet is becoming indispensable to explore or hunt for products or any kind of myriad services some could be essential as well.  Thus, even a small and medium business industry would gain credibility if a good website is in place. There is a likelihood of prospective customers heading towards competitors if a business house does not possess a website thinking it is not required since they feel that their business is small.  Since home-based businesses, does not have a store front to promote their products or services it is worthwhile and beneficial having a website that speaks about the activities. In case website already exists but created in a ham handed manner by an inept developer, caution: get it redone professionally; ASAP. The redesigned website would inspire renewed confidence to take the business to the next level.
  2. Website – a money saver

Website is a cost effective way of advertising and promoting ones business.  In this day and age a website does what an advertisement in a newspaper may not be able to achieve as the reach is wide. A small business entrepreneur may feel a professional website is superfluous for his kind of business or may not afford one. But he cannot afford not to have in the long run with a potential market waiting to be explored.

  1. Customers are kept informed

Current information and news related to the products and services can be regularly updated on the website. Namely launch of a new range of products or exciting discounts offered.  Upcoming events or special promotions could be announced through the website.  Website is an online virtual catalogue that is easy to be updated or corrected unlike print media.  Besides, the latter becomes outdated while the former remains forever with latest announcements.

  1. Always Accessible

Ensure website is available all round the clock 24×7 to enable visitor, read prospective customer, to conveniently explore or review the products and services even when the office or store is closed. A hectic lifestyle demands making purchase decision promptly and it is a great selling point.

  1. Targeting wider market

E-Commerce is here to stay and website provides perfect locations to select the products and services from anywhere.  Eventually it facilitates selling.  For a retailer, a website is undoubtedly a great place to sell products and services to a global market. A wide range of products under the sun can be sold online that includes realty & cars!

  1. Website – a medium to showcase products

A unique way to display ones business is through a website.  It is a great medium to showcase one’s work.  By presenting the business portfolio or image gallery it also serves as a testimony about the business one is indulged in.

  1. Website saves time

Time is money! A website saves precious time of both customer and the seller.  An online catalogue provides volumes of information about the products and services thereby reducing considerable time in providing information to customer by phone, e-mail or brochure. An active website is available to the customer anytime indefinitely by providing relevant information of the business.

  1. Website improves customer service

Where customer is the king and will remain so, an FAQ page on the website paves way for interaction with customer. Be it an advice on book keeping if it is service oriented accountancy site or selling products that are eco friendly and recycling tips need to be shared, a dedicated segment is very helpful.  A value added service would be to have a regular uploading of newsletters and queries related to the products and services on the website.

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