Mistakes to Avoid in E-commerce UI/UX Design

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Many E-Commerce websites have sprung up like mushrooms around the web in recent times.  The rapid and overwhelming growth is owing to its easiness and simplicity with which an entrepreneur could achieve his goals in marketing his product.  Earlier there were instances of shutting shop of many start-ups due to shortcomings that had failed to generate the desired revenue due to various factors.

The reason why some E-Commerce websites cannot attract customers is owing to User Interface & User Experience or UI & UX which is one of the major problems. Some of the common mistakes that can be avoided are:

  • Complex Navigation Interface:

Avoid creating complex navigation interface of an E-Commerce website.  It should be spontaneous and easy for a user to understand. Besides, it should provide multiple filters and also sort options so that the user would drill down to the product he/she is looking for. Additionally, it should include a comprehensive search option. The breadcrumb trail the navigational aid should always be included in order to let the user know where they are located and to provide easy navigation route out of the current webpage.

  • Ignoring Product Details:

Generally, a user is likely to trust a website more when the product page displays a complete description of the product clearly. The user is able to make a decision when multiple images are included with details and testimonies from other discerning users are furnished on the webpage.  A user may be disinclined to make a purchase with incomplete details, even if your store prices are comparatively lower. By the same token, if similar products are displayed and sharing options are provided, there are chances of traffic getting diverted to other products and your site.

  • Call to Action Links & Confusing Links:

In order to see the next step to follow in a glance by a user, every Call to Action link should be conspicuous and distinctly separated from the content by using colors, whitespaces and also size.  Call to Action links should not have vague or confusing titles. On the contrary, describe the next step in short (ex-pre-order).  You may even clearly differentiate Call to Action links; ‘Checkout’ and ‘Continue Shopping’.

  • Complicated Checkout Process:

It is necessary to streamline the checkout process for an E-Commerce site.  The shopping Cart should be prominently displayed on every page of the site in order to be seen clearly by the user.  Moreover, the Cart should include with clarity all fees or charges comprising shipping to allow customers to place an order without creating an account.  The whole process should be designed to complete in the shortest time possible.

  • No Mention of Shipping & Return Policy, and Contact Information:

Displaying the shipping and returns policy conspicuously encourages a sense of trust in the minds of the customers. The transparency of the terms of the transaction makes the customers feel at home. Besides, when the contact information is displayed in an accessible place, the customer further feels safe that even if he encounters a problem he can easily contact the company and find support to resolve any issue.

If the website does not follow the aforesaid basic guidelines despite the amount of money spent on various marketing initiatives; SEO, SMO etc., meaning from the start the whole process is incorrect.  Having said this, however, the biggest Marketing tool has been the word of mouth publicity and it continues to do wonders. In addition, the icing on the cake is a good UI & UX that assists any entrepreneur to achieve his goal.

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